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Planning a private luxury yacht charter is complicated. Select Yachts’ goal is to make it effortless. Our professional charter brokers have long-term industry experience. We apply our knowledge of luxury charter yachts and destinations to the information you provide. Working together, we find the yacht and crew that’s ideally suited to your requirements.

Where can we charter a luxury yacht?

On pretty much any shore you wish to reach, a charter fleet awaits. The most popular regions are the Caribbean, the south of France, Italy, Croatia, and Greece.

What is the best time of year to charter?

Select Yachts experts will advise you based on your preferred destination and interests. Many of the finest luxury yachts are available for summer charter in Europe, then reposition for winter charters in the Caribbean. July and August are high seasons in Europe, so May and September charters avoid the crowds. While Caribbean yacht charters are available year-round, we prefer the weather in the southernmost islands during late summer.

What kind of yachts are available for charter?

Select Yachts can find any type of yacht you desire. Sailing yachts, sailing catamarans, power catamarans and motor yachts, explorer yachts, superyachts, and even classic yachts. In more remote regions, you may have to pay to reposition a specific vessel.

What kind of yacht should we charter?

Select Yachts has access to thousands of charter yachts worldwide. With some basic information from you, we can propose the most suitable yachts. There’s a lot to consider.

Sailing Yachts: They are adventurous and exhilarating. The journey is as much fun as the destination.

Motor Yachts: They have the advantage of speed and sophistication. Superyachts can accommodate large parties and carry lots of toys and gear. Smaller yachts are more intimate and discreet.

Catamarans: Due to their stability, sail and power cats are favored for inexperienced sailors, children, and seniors. A wide beam allows for exceptionally spacious interiors. A shallow draft means accessing places off-limits to larger vessels.

How far in advance should we book?

Select Yachts team can find a yacht for you next week or next year. However, the earlier you book the greater the availability of yachts, especially during holidays and high seasons. Experienced charter clients often book many months in advance.

What is included in the luxury charter rate?

All charter rates include the yacht and professional crew. Inclusive charters, common on sailing yachts, also include provisioning, ship’s bar, mooring and harbor fees, and local taxes. Motor and superyacht charters are not inclusive. VAT, provisioning, fuel charges, electronic communications, harbor dues, local taxes, and marina fees are additional. If the yacht must relocate from the home port, delivery/return fees and expenses are charged.

What if someone has a restricted diet?

Tell your Select Yachts broker about any dietary or medical restrictions. Charter yacht chefs are adept at creating delicious vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free menus for guests. For more highly specialized menus, your broker will contact the chefs on proposed yachts to confirm their abilities. As part of the planning process after booking a yacht, each person in your charter party will be asked to complete a form indicating food and beverage preferences and any allergies or other restrictions.

How do I arrange for activities ashore?

Select Yachts brokers work with the Captain to make advance reservations for many activities, such as sightseeing tours, vehicle rentals, and restaurant reservations. During your charter, your Captain and crew will take care of any arrangements for you.

What do I need to pack?

The Select Yachts team can advise you about local customs and weather conditions in your specific charter region. Most yachts provide bath and beach towels, hairdryers, toiletries, and suntan products. If possible, bringing soft luggage makes onboard storage easier.
How much should we tip the crew? A crew gratuity of 10% to 20% of the total charter fee is customary for excellent service. You can give the Captain the gratuity to distribute equally among the crew.

Charter Yacht Vacations Versus Cruise Ship Holidays.

These are two very different types of vacations. A cruse ship caters to a multitude of passengers. There is a fixed itinerary and limited shore excursions. Charter yachts are intimate. Most yachts are licensed to carry a maximum of 12 passengers. Guests share their space only with family and friends.

Charter yachts always have customized, flexible itineraries. The charterer benefits from the advice and the expertise of the Captain and chef. In collaboration, ports of call, activities and menus are carefully planned.

A great advantage over a cruise ship is flexibility. If you dock in an especially enchanting anchorage, and want to linger for an extra day, you can. Perhaps you’ve met fellow yachtsmen who rave about an unscheduled port. The Captain will happily change your schedule, provided the conditions are safe! Chartering a yacht means you’re in control!

Advice About Budget.

Dream yacht vacations are for everyone. Students on summer break in the Bahamas. A multigenerational extended family in the Greek Islands. Birthday and anniversary charters in New England. Celebrities keen on keeping a low profile in the Italian Riviera.

Select Yachts can propose yachts to meet a surprising range of needs and budgets, from conservative to extravagant. Basically, the rate is scaled to the yacht size and level of luxury.

For a cozy honeymoon, crewed sailing yacht rates start below $10,000 per week per couple, including meals and ship’s bar. In general, small monohull sailing yachts are the most budget friendly. Sailing catamarans are generally less expensive than power yachts, which require an allowance for provisions and fuel.

Yacht charters are a great value – one of the world’s best kept vacation secrets! A charter holiday is a gift of uninterrupted time with special friends and family. Sharing costs makes the price per person competitive with many other vacation options.

Advice About Crew.

Private charter yachts hire full time professional crew. Generally, the larger the yacht, the larger the crew. Smaller yachts can be efficiently managed by a captain and chef/mate. Often, super yachts have more crew than guests aboard. Yacht employees are carefully interviewed and screened. Continual performance evaluations by the Captain and Owner ensure great service!

What To Wear.

Your wardrobe will depend on your destination, activities and shore excursions. For example, the Caribbean is hotter and more casual than the Mediterranean.

Some clothing is standard. Street shoes can mar the deck so guests should wear socks or deck shoes. The tropical sun on the water is fierce. Long-sleeved light cotton blouses and shirts are good protection. Finally, if you don’t like climbing into a wet bathing suit, pack more than one.  Yachting involves repeatedly getting in and out of water.

For formal dinners on board, exclusive restaurants and upscale entertainment venues ashore, dresses, dinner jackets, and closed shoes are appropriate. Click on the links below for additional packing tips and dress codes.

Activities and Excursions.

Water sports are great fun. Water-skiing, wind and kite surfing, snorkeling, diving, fishing, kayaking, paddle boards and Jet Skis keep the adrenaline pumping! Every yacht has a different toy chest. Check with your charter broker to make sure that your charter yacht carries your favorite toys and gear.

Shore excursions are an exciting part of your charter. For water sports equipment, shore activities or tours that you want to include, let your crew know far in advance. They will arrange for special gear, tickets, or advance reservations. Discuss how you and your charter party enjoys spending time. The Captain designs your itinerary accordingly.

Your personal chef will make formal or casual dining a much anticipated part of your charter. Yacht chefs are experts at preparing fresh catch and using local ingredients. Special or restricted diets are not a problem. However, chefs cannot please the palate without a completed preference sheet. Please do not have your PA or secretary complete the form for you.

Yacht crews always have ideas for games and theme parties, it’s part of their job description. Celebrate something or nothing. Dress up, dress down, or dress like a pirate. Your crew will organize activities to suit your charter group, from extreme to decadent to leisurely, to a bit of everything.

Yacht charter advice given here is an overview. We hope we’ve inspired you to contact Select Yachts Charter Brokers for details.

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