Travel Apps for the Savvy Traveler 2017

travel apps for the savvy traveler

Travel apps can help you with everything, even before you reach the airport. Below is a selection of some of our favorites.


Global Entry

Register in the US Customs & Border Protection’s Global Entry Program. Provide your member number to the airline to be added to your ticket. This allows you to go through the TSA PreCheck line at departure and speed through US customs on your return. Cost is $100 for five years.


Most airlines have a message service that texts your flight status. To be extra safe, sign up for text and email alerts with FlightStats.

Airport Assist

travel apps for the savvy traveler


Travel app for airport dining.  Search an entire U.S. airport to locate a restaurant with the kind of food you want was impossible up until now. Grab lets you peruse the menus of all restaurants nearby, along the way to your gate, or anywhere in the terminal. In some locations you can order food in advance and pick it on the way to the gate. The app currently serves 174 eateries at 17 airports in the U.S. Coming soon: Dallas/Fort Worth Airport will offer Grab’s mobile ordering at all of its 200 dining outlets.

Travel app to turn extra-long layovers into mini-retreats. Use this app to book a hotel room for a few hours. Take a shower, take a swim, take a nap. Order room service, a movie, and cuddle up in bed. Book via their smartphone app, their website, or by phone: 855 378 5969. Dayuse offers all types of hotels to meet your needs at up to 75 percent off regular nightly rates. Currently 3,000 hotels worldwide.

Priority Pass

Independent airline lounge club that offers comfortable chairs, WiFi, business center facilities, food and drinks, etc. Amenities vary throughout their 850+ lounges worldwide. Basic membership is $99 per year + $27 per visit, 850 lounges worldwide.

Getting From A to B

travel apps for the savvy traveler


Travel app that gives options for reliable airport transfers, limo and taxi rides, trains, and buses, primarily in Britain, and Western Europe. You select your journey, date and the type of vehicle you want – from standard to first class – Rideway displays a selection of professional drivers, services and rates.


Travel app that makes getting there half the fun. Sidekix presents walking directions based on your interests and preferences. The idea is not to necessarily take the shortest route, but the one that is most interesting. Whether you want to pass period architecture, or stop at a trendy lunch spot enroute, the app, built with curated suggestions from savvy locals, will take you that way. Check for your destination, the app is continually expanding.


Travel app so you never walk the wrong way again, even if you’re not good with directions. Plug in your destination and Walc directs you using easy-to-spot landmarks. A Pocket Mode feature gives step-by-step audio directions. Just plug in your ear buds, and you won’t have to constantly pull out your phone.


Best Travel Apps

Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Join other drivers in the area who share real-time traffic and road info. Used by professional chauffers, Waze takes you through side streets and neighborhoods if that’s the fastest route at the moment. Wazers provide up to the minute information on traffic conditions. Type in an address or a local business.

Ground Control

G. Spotting 

Nice app, terrible name. G. Spotting app is the insider’s guide to popular cities worldwide. Information includes famous haunts and little-known gems, sourced by the editors, Gwyneth Paltrow, and friends of goop. Restaurants, specialty shops, boutiques, hotels, museums, culture, and all the services both locals and travelers lean on. It’s geared primarily toward foodies, hipsters, art lovers, and travelers with kids. iOS only.

Public Relations

travel apps for the savvy traveler

Google Translate

Travel app that lets you instantly translate text between more than 64 languages, translate words and phrases, even speak a phrase into your phone and hear the translation with the Google Translate app. The conversation mode lets you communicate in a foreign language with a speaker of another language. There is an SMS translator and a camera function that allows you to take a picture and brush text to translate. This is an excellent tool for the traveler as well as anyone who needs to translate something basic, such as cooking or operating instructions, in a foreign language.


This app lets you save and view articles, videos and web pages to read offline later, making it possible to enjoy without paying exorbitant international data-usage fees. When you find something on the web that you want to view later, put it in Pocket. It automatically syncs to your phone, tablet or computer so you can view it any time without an internet connection. Also, you can save to Pocket from any other app by tapping ‘Add to Pocket’ when sharing a page. This is a great app for using in-flight, while waiting some place without internet connectivity, or in areas without reception.

Travel & Leisure Guides 

This travel app provides in-depth, worldwide destination guides developed by locals and experts.

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