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Travel Tips: Packing for Your Yacht Charter

Collapsible luggage will allow more space in your stateroom. The luggage can easily be stowed away. Include your email address on your luggage tags.

Carry On. Just in case your luggage is delayed, it’s best to pack important medications and sufficient clothing and toiletries to be comfortable for a day or two. Carry-on liquids, gels, and aerosols have to be 3.4 fluid ounces or less and fit in a clear, quart-size bag.

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Travel Tips luggage, suitcase , hotel room

Go light. Three tops for every bottom. Three pairs of shoes, depending on destination; walking, casual (sandals), and formal.

Washable clothes: dry cleaning may be difficult on charter. Rolled clothes to take up less space than folded clothes. Large plastic food storage bags are excellent for grouping items together to locate quickly, like underwear and bathing attire.

Non-skid shoes/socks. It is not appropriate to wear regular shoes on deck as they can damage surfaces. Soft soled, non-skid shoes, and on motor yachts, socks, are a comfy alternative to bare feet on decks, which can get very hot during the day, cool in the evening, and can be abrasive.

Protective clothing is not just for the sun. If you plan to snorkel, a long sleeved rash guard or T-shirt is recommended. Depending on where you plan to visit, religious sites and upscale establishments have dress codes. Pack at least one hat, long sleeve shirt, light wrap, pants, closed shoes. For evening wear; tie, jacket and slacks for men, and dresses for ladies are the international norm.

Prescription medications. It may be difficult to procure your prescription medications should you forget them. While the yacht’s medicine chest has over-the-counter remedies, if you are prone to certain illnesses you might prefer your own, such as; motion sickness preventatives, headache medication, cold and allergy medications, etc.

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Fun stuff: camera, binoculars, sketchpad, Kindle, electronic toys and games, etc.

Cash, especially small denominations. This is handy for bargaining in the market, tipping, and incidental purchases.

Documents: Passport, driver license and credit cards. You should photocopy your important documents and keep the copy in your luggage. Also, scan, or write the numbers, information and international phone contact information and email it to yourself.

Charter Agreement to present to your Captain prior to boarding the yacht.

Travel Tips – Getting There, Websites & Apps

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Get fast-tracked. Become a member of U.S. Customs & Border Protection’s Global Entry program ($100 for five years); you’ll get PreCheck, not available on all airlines, and be able to zip through U.S. customs on your return.

Buy some peace of mind, purchase travel insurance. Ask your Select Yachts charter broker.

Includes low-cost, regional carriers in search results.

Sign up for text and e-mail alerts with an online flight-tracking service like FlightStats.

Use SeatGuru’s online airplane cabin maps to help you pick and reserve the best seat.

Lounge About

Purchase a day pass to the airline lounge, usually $25 to $5o, which often provides free Wi-Fi food and beverages.

LoungeBuddy conveniently has an App, but with only 160 airports is not as comprehensive as other sites.

LoungePass has a dropdown menu of 300 lounges in major airports worldwide.

Frequent travelers might benefit from a membership to an independent club, like Priority Pass (Basic $99 per year + $27 per visit), which has 950 lounges worldwide.


Travel & Leisure App: in-depth destination guides developed by locals and experts.

Contact Select Yachts charter professionals for additional information. We’ve been there, and we can tell you about it.

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