Grenada Attractions: Caribbean Yacht Charter Utopia

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Grenada is the Authentic Caribbean

Grenada attractions are everywhere; under the sea, along the beach, and up in the mountains. Gin-clear seas and delicate sands embrace the island. Mountain rain forests conceal exotic creatures. The fertile earth yields an abundance of fruits and spices. The crime rate is very low. The streets are very clean. The people are welcoming, humorous and sophisticated. They are deservedly proud of their beautiful island.

Grenada’s Beaches are Picture Perfect

Grenada Attractions: Yacht Charter Utopia

For honeymoon and anniversary charters, yacht captains can plot a course to the most delightfully secluded beaches. However, there are many organized beaches with lounge chairs, beach bars, restaurants and shops. Charter families with children can splash about several protected bays with gentle surf. Anchor out and tender or swim ashore. Grand Anse Beach is the most beloved of Grenada’s 45 beaches. Beach comb two-miles of powdery sand. Relax at the highly rated Soothing Touch Massage Clinic (run by the visually impaired). Finally, check out Umbrellas for cocktails, good food, entertainment and spectacular sunsets.

Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park

Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park is submerged in Molinere Bay. This is Grenada’s Marine Protected Area, just north of the capital city of St George’s. The first sculptures were created by Jason de Caires Taylor. His permanent site-specific sculptures span several continents. They predominately explore submerged and tidal marine environments. Here are also sculptures by local artists, including students. Especially relevant, they represent aspects of Grenada’s culture.

St George’s Walking Tour

St George’s inner harbor, the Carenage, presents a pleasing panorama rich in architectural detail. Venture along Carenage, up Union Street and down to Market Square. The distinct symmetry of Georgian architecture catches the eye. The bricks and fishtail tiles used as building materials came as ballast on the incoming trading vessels of the 18th century. Walk through the tunnel, a unique experience, and up to Fort George for the view. Built in 1705 by the French, most of the buildings are now offices of the police. At the Grenada National Museum, at Young Street and Monckton Street, history buffs will find some engaging exhibits.

Grenada is known as the Spice Island. Therefore, charter guests, especially chefs and foodies, should include the Fruit and Spice Market on a city tour. Browsing here is a gift to the senses. Also, The House of Chocolate Museum & Shop, #10 Young Street, is a delicious place to visit. Fabulous smells!  Finally, please be respectful at all Grenada attractions. Islanders generally do not want to be photographed.

Grenada sea, sand, and so much more..

Grenada is a 133 square mile island country with fertile valleys and a lush, mountainous interior. There are points of natural, industrial and historical interest throughout the island. There are rum and chocolate factories, fruit and spice farms, hiking trails, nature centers and museums. Several species of plants and animals are unique to the island, some are endangered. In conclusion, bring your camera.

Grenada Attractions: Flora, Fauna and Fun Onshore

De La Grenada Industries is one of the island’s major producer of sauces and nutmeg products. Wander along paths made of crushed nutmeg shells through their Nutmeg Garden. The two-acre grounds are beautifully landscaped. You’ll see aromatic spice and fruit trees, herbs and a diversity of flowering plants.

The island has several, popular waterfalls. Annondale Falls is a short drive from St. George’s The trail is a short, easy walk through the tropical forest, but the site is touristy. By contrast, the Seven Sisters is a series of waterfalls in the Grand Etang National Forest. A few hours and a professional guide are recommended. The energetic hike through the rain forest follows poorly marked trails. Also, your guide will identify native species of birds, plants and animals, such as the endangered Mona monkey.

Westerhall Rums is an historic estate and distillery. Once a sugar cane plantation and rum distillery, now it is largely ruins. Westerhall Rums tour guides recount the history of the estate. Eclectic exhibits in the museum are uniquely absorbing. Finally, the rum tastings are delightfully decadent.

La Sagesse Hotel, Restaurant and Beach Bar is a special place. Relax with snack and a refreshing drink. Then set off to explore the salt-pond bird sanctuary, thick mangroves, nature trails. Finally, take a dip off the ½ mile sweep of palm-lined beach.

Grenada attractions are as diverse as her visitors.

Explore like a native. Go hiking with the Grenada Hash House Harriers every Saturday throughout year. Dive into a rainforest waterfall. Kite surf at Coral Cove. Windsurf off Levera Beach. Thirty dive sites include reefs, walls and wrecks. Just outside St. George’s harbor, dive the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean Sea. There are enough beaches and beach bars to leisurely sail from anchorage to anchorage, sipping tropical cocktails and soaking up sun. Whatever your passions, Grenada will exceed your expectations.

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Grenada Attractions: Yacht Charter Utopia
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Grenada Attractions: Yacht Charter Utopia
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