GREY WOLF: Arctic Charter Yacht Expedition

Grey Wolf Arctic Charter Yacht Expedition

Do you find that a vacation at even the most upscale resort feels routine? Do you want to explore the furthest reaches of the globe without giving up the luxury of a private yacht? GREY WOLF Arctic Yacht Charter beckons.

GREY WOLF offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience on a one-of-a-kind, ice class, explorer yacht. Expedition yachting is a chance to experience something edgy, something extreme, without sacrifice to safety and comfort.

Join GREY WOLF on an adventure in the Arctic North. Lofoten and Svalbard islands are a vast wilderness waiting to be explored by intrepid vessels like GREY WOLF, able to exit sea lanes and deviate from normal cruising routes. Charter GREY WOLF. Make the journey as magnificent as the destination.

Norway Lofoten Islands
Norway Lofoten Islands

GREY WOLF Arctic Charter Explores Norway’s Lofoten Islands: Favorite Ports 

GREY WOLF navigates one of the most spectacular coastlines in Europe. Voted by National Geographic as one of the most appealing destinations in the world, Lofoten is an Arctic island group that has been a cruising destination since 1889. Photograph sea birds, porpoises and whales, go hiking, fishing and exploring. Each charter itinerary is customized to include the sites and activities desired most. 

A two-week yacht charter can reach many favorite ports of call.

  • Tromso: Board your private yacht in this charming city. Meet your crew and get situated in your cabin. Get underway immediately following a short orientation and safety briefing.
  • Andenes/Senja: World famous for whale spotting.
  • Radrsund/Trollfjord: A spectacular narrow channel between vertical cliffs is home to magnificent Orca whales.
  • Reine: A picturesque village and perfect starting place for hiking and exploring.
  • Digermulen: This stunning anchorage tucked into a mountainous fjord is a spot for hiking, fishing and exploring.
  • Nusfjord: Hidden between towering cliffs, this historical fishing village is a cultural gem.

GREY WOLF Arctic Charter Explores Svalbard: The Heart of the Arctic Wilderness

Imagine your private charter yacht cruising through the Arctic Ocean, well north of the Arctic Circle. You gaze across a vast wilderness to spot polar bears, whales and walruses. Svalbard islands lie midway between continental Norway and the North Pole. It is the most rewarding place to view arctic wildlife.

Kayak in bays with tumbling glaciers, search for walrus on ice floes or venture into the tundra. Aboard GREY WOLF you’ll explore a largely inaccessible coastline in the comfort and luxury of a private yacht. Encounter what is rare and precious in the heart of the arctic wilderness.

  • Longyearbyen: Board GREY WOLF in this high arctic settlement to depart on a one/two/three-week Svalbard expedition. The focus is on wildlife and wilderness. Your itinerary may include any of the following ports of call:
  • Seven Islands: These mountainous islands offer wildlife viewing and fascinating human history.
  • Moffen Island: A wildlife sanctuary to hundreds of walruses and polar bears.
  • Kvitoya: The most remote island is also a lively wildlife habitat.
  • Aklefjellet: Bird Mountain is home to some 100,000 pairs of Brünnich’s guillemot that nest in the cliffs.
  • Smeerenburg: Whaling port with a history dating back to the 16th century.
  • NY Alesund: Historic research settlement with the most northerly post office in the world.
  • Diskobukta: The nesting site of black-legged kittiwakes and home to arctic foxes.
  • Isbukta: Be on the lookout for the rare Sabine’s gull, skua and bearded seals and polar bears.


GREY WOLF Captain  and Crew
GREY WOLF Captain and Crew

Since her launch, she has been chartering in some of the world’s most exotic destinations including New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and Antarctica. She will be cruising in Norway and Svalbard during the 2020 charter season only. Don’t miss a rare opportunity.

The yacht sleeps up to six guests in three staterooms, including a master suite and two double cabins. Each room has its own ensuite bathroom. For larger groups, the master king bed can be split into two twins and the port guest has an optional pipe berth.

Your crew is more than highly professional. They are world explorers who’ve experienced much that most of us never will. So, in addition to fine meals and superior service, the conversation on any evening is enlightening. 

GREY WOLF and her crew have built a reputation for delivering deluxe, unparalleled eco-adventure cruises. Do something extraordinary with your time off. Embark on a GREY WOLF Arctic Charter. Visit the ends of the earth.

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