Bareboat Charters

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Bareboat Charters: All About the Journey

Bareboat Charters are a bit about the destination, but all about the journey. On a bareboat charter you and your crew sail at will, wherever you want to go and whenever you feel like getting there. Rise early, hoist the sails and find a secluded cove for a sunrise dip followed by breakfast on deck. Go island hopping throughout the day, because one is never enough. As the sun sets, dock ashore for sundowners, an exquisite meal and local entertainment. Anchor out at night and be lulled to sleep by the murmur of the sea.

Bareboat Charters for Novice and Pro

Bareboat charters require an experienced captain, but guests do not have to be lifelong sailors. With a little instruction anyone can help with the moorings, or manage the dinghy and the rigging. Children can learn the ropes, families can rediscover each other. Friends begin to ask each other what day it is, but nobody really cares. Everywhere you disembark, other sailors are at the ready to share their tips and stories, and welcome you into a very special community.

Imagine a day on a bareboat charter in the British Virgin Islands. Raise the sails on another perfect day. Set off from Tortola headed for The Indians and an astonishing snorkel, then Norman Island to refresh with a Pirate Punch. Rendezvous with penguins for T time at Willie T. Sail to Cooper Island to dine ashore on Caribbean lobster. Succumb to the daily ritual: an early departure for one mooring, a swim, a snorkel or an explore ashore, a leisurely lunch, then another beach, then another dock. Then another spectacular sunset, followed by delicious food and camaraderie.

Bareboat Charters are available in destinations worldwide.

Bareboat Charters

Favorable sailing conditions, safe anchorages, upscale marinas, and endless attractions, make island hopping in the Caribbean, Greece and the South Pacific some of the most popular destinations for bareboat charter enthusiasts.

Bareboat Charters for Qualified Skippers

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Bareboat charter offers the ultimate freedom and privacy for your family or group of friends. If you’re new to bareboat charter, the Virgin Islands are the perfect destination to launch your first adventure. Here the sailing conditions are almost always favorable, with gentle seas and steady winds. Line of sight sailing makes for straightforward navigation. Island coves and safe harbors throughout the archipelago offer protection from ocean swells.

Originally the term “bareboat” described a boat without extras, thus a “bare” boat. Today, many bareboats include the same amenities as a luxury crewed yacht. Yachts can be chartered with AC, luxury linens, water & ice makers, and sailing conveniences such as electric windlasses, electric winches, and roller furling sails. Just provision, stow your gear, and set sail.

Bareboat Charters: Monohulls

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The traditional single hull boat is exhilarating, wind in your face, racing the waves, silently at one with the sea. To dedicated enthusiasts, there’s nothing that can compare to the thrill of heeling over in a monohull. Monohulls are traditionally the most popular yachts in the bareboat charter market. They are available in charter destinations worldwide.

Bareboat Charters: Catamarans

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Catamarans are immensely popular. With two hulls in the water, a  sailing catamaran is remarkably swift. She is wonderfully stable, balanced between two hulls she does not heel over. This is an excellent option for families with children, first time seafarers, and those prone to motion sickness. Catamarans are beamy, with living area comparable to much larger yachts. You will relax in comfort and privacy, the spacious central salon separates the staterooms positioned in each hull. Anchor in secluded bays, the shallow draft allows access to waters off-limits to other yachts.

If your sailing experience is limited to monohulls, the transition to a catamaran is easy, the sailing basics are the same. Hire a captain for your first afternoon to get accustomed to handling the boat on your own.

Bareboat Charter: Power Yachts

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There’s nothing that compares to a power yacht for zipping to destinations quickly and easily. There are various types of bareboat motor yachts, including trawlers and cruisers. The most popular bareboat power yachts today are the new generation of power catamarans. They offer the same advantages as a sailing catamaran, and are more fuel efficient than other power builds, which reduces fuel costs. No special certification is required: the principle charterer just needs qualified experience on a similar size sail or power boat.

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