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Dominica voluntourism yacht charter adventure aboard sailing catamaran SAGITTARIUS is an unforgettable, life experience. The tiny island country of Dominica has long been a mecca to adventure travelers. The island beckoned with rain and cloud forests, volcanic craters, lush, tropical surroundings, breathtaking beaches and spectacular dive sites. That is, until September 2017, when category 5 hurricane Maria changed the landscape. You, your family and your friends can help restore the island and her people. And have great fun along the way.

Begin your journey in Martinique, Guadeloupe or St Lucia. It’s a thrilling sail to Dominica.

Day 1- Sail to Scotts Head in southern Dominica.

This is the start of the Waikubuli National Trail, which is currently being cleared and restored by volunteers. Spanning 115 miles from north to south, it was designed by the local community to link up remote villages. This is the only long-distance walking trail in the Caribbean. It is a treasure to locals, visiting nature lovers and international trekkers.

Dominica Voluntourism yacht charter participants work with the Forestry Division and the Waitukubuli National Trail Management Unit. Your charter party can assist with efforts to clear, restore and rehabilitate the trail.

Days 2-4: Dominica Voluntourism Yacht Charter Options

You can help at all three project sites if you wish. Chart your course with Captain Piero aboard Sagittarius. Chartering a private yacht means your itinerary is always flexible. Work to restore natural wonders above and beneath the sea and you’ll achieve an holistic understanding of Dominica’s unique environments.

Clear a segment of the Waikubuli National Trail.

The route connects National Parks, local communities, farm lands, forest reserves and coastal areas. It links the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a UNESCO natural World Heritage Site. Dominica Voluntourism Yacht Charter participants who elect to work on the trail should be prepared to handle equipment. Your work may require a chain saw, cutlass, shovel, rake and wheel barrow, for clearing, pruning and in some cases planting.

Dive to help clean up and restore the marine reserve.

Join a scuba diving volunteer project focused on cleaning the marine reserve in northwest Dominica. Fragile island structures, tin roofs, and a massive amount of other debris was blown into the sea. Dive sites have been severely damaged by large amounts of debris settling on the ocean floor.

Clear and clean the Indian River.

Sail to Portsmouth to help clean and clear Dominica’s longest river, the Indian River.

Day 5: Discover the wonders of this tropical island paradise.

  There are many options to choose from. Here are some ideas:

  • 1 Day Central Island Tour: Imperial Road, Pond Casse, Emerald Pool, Castle Bruce, Kalinago Territory, Northern Forest Reserve, Spanny Twin Falls
  • 1 Day Beachcomber: Salisbury to St. Joseph, 7km on the newly formed beach
  • 1 Day North Island Tour: Cabrits/Fort Shirley, Northern Link Road, Indian River Boat Tour

National Parks and Reserves of Dominica

Day 6: Set sail aboard Sagittarius

Pull up anchor and set a course for the Isle des Saints, a perfect lunch stop. In the afternoon continue sailing to Martinique, Guadeloupe or St Lucia for the night.

Day 7:  Discover Martinique, Guadeloupe or Saint Lucia.

Trek up a volcano, take an island tour, visit a distillery, wander botanical gardens, explore the town museums, shops and restaurants.

Day 8:  Disembarkation at noon.

First, enjoy a full breakfast on Sagittarius’ aft deck. Next, grab your gear and go for a final swim or snorkel in the balmy Caribbean Sea. Then it’s time to bid your crew farewell.

Dominica voluntourism, yacht charter with purpose, vacation to make a difference. Do something special!

Charter Specials, Sagittarius crew

SAGITTARIUS is a private, crewed, luxury charter yacht. The standard, winter season, charter rate for Sagittarius is $31,325.00 for 10 guests in five cabins, all inclusive. Your private chef will prepare delicious meals according to your tastes. There are lots of water toys and gear onboard for leisure time fun. Please inquire about single rates, cabin charters and 10% voluntourism group discounts.

November 2018: “Our trip on Sagittarius was wonderful. The crew made it all come together. The meals were wonderful. We never felt unsafe for one moment with our Captain Christian because he was observant of ever thing around us. Ilona, the First Mate, was the most superb in her attention to everything and every detail that we felt like we were on a mega yacht. We highly recommend this crew and the yacht Sagittarius, as the two combined made for an extraordinary and exotic charter.” Lawrence and Lisa

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