Amazing BVI Dive Site: BVI Art Reef

Amazing BVI Dive Site, BVI Art Reef

BVI Art Reef: The Power of Play

Exploring an amazing BVI dive site of the natural variety is one of the many reasons people love to charter here. However, Peter Island Resort and Spa just gave a heads up on a new artificial reef. Neighbor Richard Branson’s conceptually amazing BVI Art Reef is just off Virgin Gorda. The idea: mobilize a global network of researchers, philanthropists and artists to solve marine health problems through the “Power of Play”.

Amazing BVI Dive Site, BVI Art Reef

Amazing BVI Dive Site Mandated “Most Amazing”

In April, 2016, an entrepreneurial group visited Richard Branson on Necker Island. During a think-tank session they were given a set of BVI challenges. These included saving a warship, rehabilitating local marine life, and teaching local kids to swim. Branson said, “Don’t think what’s the cheapest way to do it, or what’s the fastest way to do it… think, “What’s the most AMAZING way to do it”.

Amazing BVI Dive Site, BVI Art Reef

The amazing BVI dive site is constructed on the sunken Kodiak Queen. This historical World War II ship has been resurrected as an artistically embellished artificial reef and dive-through art installation. Divers swim through the ship’s rooms, hallways and stairwells to view art exhibits.

The aft deck of this surreal ship features an 80-foot-long Kraken sculpture, among other on-deck objets d’arte. All this amidst ever-increasingly marine life.

BVI Art Reef, Amazing BVI Dive Site for Many Reasons

The founders’ goal for the amazing BVI dive site is a world-class, undersea attraction that is self-sustaining. It serves many needs and purposes. BVI Art Reef is an ocean education research platform. The eco-adventure stimulates the local economy and empowers local culture. International artists collaborate and contribute to the underwater gallery. People unite in their efforts at ocean conservation, marine health and life. Kids learn to swim.

Amazing BVI Dive Site, BVI Art Reef

The BVI is an extremely popular charter destination. First of all, weather and water conditions are ideal for yacht charters. A wide range of charter yachts makes it easy to book the perfect yacht and crew. Islands are close together. Therefore, itineraries exciting no matter what activities top the list. And now the BVIs are even more alluring. The amazing BVI dive site, BVI Art Reef, is not to be missed!

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