WhaleFest, Whales and Dolphins, Oct. 22-28, Brighton, UK

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Whales and Dolphins exhibits at Whalefest 2012

WhaleFest is all about whales, dolphins, and global initiatives for protection and conservation. WhaleFest activities take place in Brighton, UK between 22-28 October, 2012. Whether you go whale watching every year or have never seen a dolphin but would love to know more about them, WhaleFest is for you!

Be amazed and inspired, by the many exhibitors at WhaleFest, including whale and dolphin tours, adopt-a-whale packs, all the latest products for whale watchers, and many whale and dolphin conservation charities displaying their information.

Divers and snorkelers can speak to people with first-hand, close-encounter dolphin and whale experiences, and pick up tips on how to best interact with whales, dolphins and sharks in ways that are meaningful, sustainable and fun.

Divers and Snorkelers get tips on whales and dolphins
Brighton has Whale and Dolphin events and exhibits across town

WhaleFest Fringe brings a week of music, art and performances, led by WhaleFest Artistic Director, acclaimed author, writer and journalist Philip Hoare (author of ‘Leviathan’, winner of the Samuel Johnson prize for non-fiction, and BBC presenter). There will be evening talks and performance, gigs, art installations, museum exhibitions, and more.

The World Whale Conference is open to anyone with a passion for cetaceans, it will include members of the public, whale and dolphin businesses and charities and government agencies working together to implement a global whale-saving campaign. As part of Planet Whale’s initiative to raise the standards of whale watching worldwide, 12 whale and dolphin watching companies have committed to work in partnership toward a more responsible and sustainable industry.

Save the Whale Protesters in Brighton 1982
Whale hunting became illegal in UK due to Save the Whale Protesters in Brighton 1982

Brighton is a proud host for the event. The city played a key role in dolphin preservation as the site where some of the last captive dolphins held in Britain were released to be returned to the wild in the Caribbean.

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Additional festival information at: http://www.whale-fest.com

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