The British Virgin Islands: 8 Spectacular Charter Yacht Destinations


The British Virgin Islands is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. We have enjoyed exploring the following eight exciting BVI destinations that will thrill all travelers alike. These amazing spots should not be missed when planning your next yacht charter vacation. These top eight destinations in the British Virgin Islands offer something for everyone, from gentle play for children to extreme diving for adults. Spending time in the British Virgin Islands while on board your luxury yacht charter will result in the memories of a lifetime.


The British Virgin Islands include Tortola, the largest island of the BVI chain and offers an amazing variety of things to do on and off shore.  Spend your day soaking up sun on white sand beaches, some remote others crowded with beach bars and rocking with islands rhythms. Dine on fresh lobster, conch, spicy goat curries, Johnny Cakes and West Indian roti while seated at one of the many open air restaurants of renown. Escape your cares in paradise at the secluded palm-shaded sands of:

  • Apple Bay
  • Brewer’s Bay
  • Elizabeth Beach
  • Josiah’s Bay Beach
  • Long Bay Beach
  • Smuggler’s Cove

Don’t miss checking out the protected anchorages at:

  • Brandywine Bay
  • Cane Garden Bay
  • Hodge’s Creek
  • Soper’s Hole
  • Trellis Bay

Tortola is one of the most popular islands to visit in the BVI.

Roadtown, Tortola. (Courtesy of: Henry A-W)


The British Virgin Islands features Anegada or the “Drowned Land”, the only coral island in the Virgin Islands’ volcanic chain. For those interested in diving, there are several coral reefs surrounding the island including the Eastern Caribbean’s third largest continuous reef, Horseshoe Reef. Within the reefs are rich sea life including needle fish, stingrays, mojarra, and parrot fish.

After an exciting time spent cruising aboard your yacht charter, it is time to take the plunge, try out your favorite water sport, or test your ability at sport fishing and bone fishing. Fun filled days on the water melt into leisurely late afternoons of local color. Go ashore to explore, and indulge in superb, fresh local cuisine. Dine on locally prepared lobster, which is claimed to be the Caribbean’s best. Treat yourself to a nearly lethal Caribbean cocktail, like a rum-based Rum Teaser or Wreck Punch.

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is a pristine island with unspoiled features and limited development. The third largest of the British Virgin Islands, it is well known for its distinguished yacht clubs, luxury resorts, tranquil coves and safe anchorages. Enhance your yacht charter experience by taking advantage of what the yacht clubs and resorts have to offer. Favorite beaches include:

  • Savannah Bay
  • Pond Bay
  • Devil’s Bay
  • Mahoe Bay
  • Spring Bay

Virgin Gorda will delight charter clients who are interested in visiting national parks:

  • Gorda Peak
  • Devil’s Bay
  • Spring Bay
  • The North Sound
  • Little Fort National Park nature sanctuary
  • The Baths

Jost Van Dyke

This diminutive, three by four mile island has less than 300 permanent inhabitants. Yet it is famous as a meeting place for boaters with a  rollicking party atmosphere in contrast to its quiet coves, pure white sand beaches, and anchorages including:

  • Great Harbour
  • Little Harbour
  • White Bay

One big reason people gather on Jost Van Dyke is to partake of the island’s favored cuisine, barbecue. Here legendary cooks prepare West Indian rotis, flying fish sandwiches, grilled fresh fish and lobster, and patrons let loose by imbibing “The Painkiller”, a cocktail invented at The Soggy Dollar Bar. The island was named after an early Dutch settler who was also a pirate! The rugged scenery and colorful folklore are what paint Jost Van Dyke in brilliant, Caribbean color.

Norman Island

Norman Island is the drama queen of the British Virgin Islands. The island was the inspiration for the famous Caribbean epic book “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson. The history of the island is one of swashbucklers, pirates and buried treasures. Although the island is now uninhabited, this two and a half mile island features some of the regions best adventures, as well as the large harbor known as “The Bight”, which offers one of the most protected anchorages in the area. After anchoring your yacht off of this deserted island, be sure to seek the three water-level caves at the base of the cliffs just outside the western edge of The Bight. If interested, be sure to grab your snorkeling gear and head deep into the water for a possible night dive experience.

Peter Island

Like Norman Island, Peter Island has a rich history full of intriguing folklore surrounding the famous pirate Blackbeard who supposedly abandoned some of his crew to meet their deaths on Dead Chest Island. Legend has it that the unfortunate crew were washed up in Deadman’s Bay, now the site of the main resort beach. This island is the fifth largest of 60 islands, while occupying the title of largest private island in the British Virgin Islands. To discover the tropical flora and fauna on Peter Island, take advantage of the robust hiking and biking trails.

Cooper Island

Cooper Island is a small island in the British Virgin Islands surrounded by coral reefs. This makes the island one of the best dive sites in the region. The tropical island has lush vegetation, with coconut palms, frangipani, tamarind, flamboyant, orchids, and cactus everywhere. There are white sand beaches, palm trees, no roads, and only four privately owned properties. The marine wildlife is amazingly abundant, whether snorkeling or diving, you will encounter a variety of underwater species, including rays, eels, crabs, living coral, and innumerable schools of tiny, colorful, shimmering, schools of fish.

Salt Island

Salt Island received its namesake from plentiful salt ponds that were once an important resource. It is most notable, however, for the wreck of the Royal Mail packet steamer, RMS Rhone, which sank in a hurricane, losing most of its crew. The wreck of the Rhone has resulted in an aquatic environment that is one of the best scuba diving sites in the Caribbean. This island is often visited by yachts, so encountering other travelers can be expected.

If you would like additional information, link here to the Official Website of the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board.

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