Charter Yacht Chef Hannah’s Top Recipes

Charter Yacht Chef Hannah's Top Recipes

Gourmet Yacht Charters for Foodies

Charter Yacht Chef Hannah is Chef Extraordinaire. She’s also an experienced mariner and expert charter hostess.  Guests are always delighted with her recipes, but she hasn’t gotten around to publishing a cookbook yet. So, we are especially thrilled that Hannah has agreed to share her recipes here, as well as a little bit about herself.

Hannah grew up “in the biz”

Her Mother owned a coffee shop in Southampton, UK. As soon as she was tall enough to peer over the counter she started helping out after school. By the age of 14 she was a wiz at making and serving sandwiches, salads, cakes, coffees and tea. Later, she attended college, Hannah worked as a waitress in a hotel, studying the daily menu and observing the chefs’ techniques, from preparation to plating. She realized she had a passion for the amazing artistry involved in being a chef.

Sailing to new horizons

Hannah’s launch into the charter industry began as a love story, when Hannah re-met Stuart. He was working on a 250-footer called Talitha. They’d been friends and got back together when he returned briefly to the UK on holiday. It was perfect kismet! Six months later she quit her job and headed off to Turkey to work beside him on a monohull. She found her calling. Inspired, she returned to the UK in 2014 to attend Ashburton Cookery School and Chefs Academy.

For Hannah, the experience was rewarding. She says, “Ashburton, has the most amazing tutors. It is really in a class of its own. The school has won lots of awards. I loved the fact that I could literally cook all day. Ingredients are locally sourced from nearby farms, with fresh fish from the Devonshire and Cornish Coast. The downside – I put on lots of weight!!! We sat down to lunch and dinner everyday, snacking on the desserts and cookies we made in between.”

First-A-Fence, Horizon Power Catamaran  Charter, main salon
First-A-Fence, Main Salon

Why Hannah loves being a charter yacht chef

“Meeting new people and giving them the experience of a lifetime. Seeing guests’ faces light up when I present their food, and seeing a clean plate come back to the galley.”

Serve any of Charter Yacht Chef Hannah’s recipes and your plates are sure to come back clean too! Just click on the recipe to download the PDF.

Charter Yacht Chef Hannah's Top Recipes

Asparagus Risotto, parmesan tuile, asparagus spears and a chorizo crumb

Charter Yacht Chef Hannah's Top Recipes

Filet Mignon with Mushroom Puree, Potato Dauphinoise, Glazed Carrots, Red Wine Jus, with wild mushroom, charred onion, micro greens garnish

Charter Yacht Chef Hannah's Top Recipes

Vanilla Pana Cota, white chocolate and almond tuile, honeycomb, strawberries, mint and bee pollen

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