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Charter Yacht Show – Make a lasting impression!

Boat Show, Tortola, BVI 2015, Village Cay Cocktail Party

Charter Yacht Show is your best marketing opportunity. Brokers want repeat clients. They prefer to present yachts and crews they know personally and trust. Wherever your yacht is based, there is an annual charter yacht show in the region. Take the opportunity to showcase your yacht. Because in a competitive business it is tough to stay on top. Charter Yacht Show exposure will help you get there, and keep you ahead of the fleet.

Concours de Chef, Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2015 Show events let your charter style shine.

Say yes to the Chef’s Competition! Potential clients are always concerned about meals on board. Yacht Hops reveal your playful side. Therefore, pick a theme that reflects your charter style. Or, plan a unique event of your own. Keep it simple to allow time to talk to brokers. These events give brokers the chance to appreciate your special qualities.

The Select Yachts team will help you arrange invitations to broker luncheons, cocktail parties, personalized tours and press coverage of your yacht. Our goal is to make sure you have a successful show.

On Board Events: Open or by Invitation

Antigua Charter Show Broker Lunch

  1. Broker breakfast – open house or by invitation:

    Held before the show opens, a buffet breakfast gives brokers the opportunity for a casual chat with the Captain and crew, and a leisurely inspection of the yacht.

  2. Broker lunch or dinner – invitation only:

    Hosting a luncheon or dinner gives important charter brokers a more intimate experience with the Captain, Chef and crew. Select Yachts will invite brokers to lunch who have booked your yacht, or who are interested in booking. They should be treated the same as if they are charter guests.

    Please consider that Caribbean afternoons are often uncomfortably hot for brokers and eating in an air-conditioned area will be appreciated. 

  3. Boat Show Worlds Cocktail Party Charter Brokers

    Cocktail Party – open or by invitation:

    Hosting a cocktail party is an excellent opportunity for the crew to spend relaxed time chatting with brokers. Keep things simple, offer one or two signature cocktails and assorted canapés.

  4. Day Cruise – invitation only:

    This is one of the bestGrenadines Sailing Charter: Island of Bequia ways to simulate the experience of charter guests. Plan a half day cruise with snacks and drinks. With first hand experience, brokers can honestly and enthusiastically promote your yacht.

  5. FAM Trip – advanced invitation:

    The most time-consuming but most effective marketing is to host brokers on a familiarization trip. This can be scheduled before or after the show. You decide the duration based on your calendar, the location and cruising conditions.

Charter Yacht Show Events

Antigua Chef's Competition, Rene wins

Participating in scheduled events gives your yacht and crew exposure to the largest number of attendees and the press.

  1. Yacht Hop  Participate in this fun-for-all event – themes and fancy dress encouraged! Brokers “hop” from yacht to yacht sampling hors-d’oeuvres and cocktails and chatting with the crew. This is a social event and few if any brokers will want to do an inspection. A party theme allows crews to show off their creativity, decorate, dress in costume, and serve signature cocktails and party snacks.
  2. Charter Yacht Show, Table Setting Competition, Charter SuperyachtChef’s Competition Attended by the Press and Show Sponsors. This is a prestigious and highly competitive event. Check deadline dates for registration. Win that award!
  3. Table Setting Competition – an opportunity for the Chief Stew and crew to transform the formal dining room for a special occasion or theme.

Make sure your application forms are submitted by the deadline date. The information is usually posted 2-3 weeks before the Show with guidelines and information posted on the Show website.

Let Select Yachts know if you register to participate in these events. We will send out announcements and invitations in advance.


Here are a few things to keep in mind when doing boat shows. Remember, the Brokers take with them what they see, either positive or negative.

Crew attentiveness:

  • Charter Yacht Show, Luxury Charter Yacht Chief StewA crew member should be on deck at all times to invite/assist brokers on board. Otherwise brokers may assume the yacht is not open for viewing. A passarelle or ladder can be challenging for some brokers to negotiate. Please do not leave crew shoes outside the yacht. Brokers may think there are already brokers aboard and will pass your boat as a courtesy.
  • Introduce yourself.  Explain what you do on the yacht. (ie: Capt, mate, chef/stew)
  • Graciously offer something to drink. Not many will want alcoholic beverages. Have cold water, Perrier, juice and a small selection of sodas. Think Green! Ask if they prefer a glass or the bottle, should they want to take it with them.
  • Give a personalized tour. Point out your favorite/special features of the boat. Any mechanical, communication, navigational upgrades are a great thing to mention, as that is something brokers cannot see.
  • Keep a bowl out for cards. Collecting business cards allows you to write a follow-up thank you. Provide Select Yachts with a list or photo of these business cards to help us market your yacht.

Yacht appearance:

  • Charter Yacht Show, Table Setting, Luxury Charter Yacht Chief StewDetailing

    Brokers take photographs. Have the yacht polished, decks clean, garbage bins, dish rags and personal items out of site.

    Nice floral arrangements, fruit baskets, decorative place settings, guest baskets in the heads, and decorative cabin touches make a lasting impression. Display all your water toys and gear! Make your yacht as appealing as you would if charter guests were about to step aboard.

  • Odors 

    The cleanest boat in the world cannot pass the smell test if something is not right! Do whatever is necessary! If there was a disaster before/during the show, such as a fuel/septic spill, don’t pretend it does not exist. Instead, make a comment to the broker about what happened so they do not think this is a perpetual problem!

Crew Etiquette:

1.) Personal appearance: You are being evaluated. Wear neat, clean matching uniforms and name badges.

2.) Stay on the boat. When it seems slow is just when an important broker will show up!  Brokers attend shows to personally meet crews. Being away on an errand is perceived as unprofessional.

3.) At show parties and events you’re still part of the show. Dress neatly and wear name badges to be remembered. Socializing is important, but having one too many gets a negative mark.

Welcoming brokers on board, showing off your professional skills and developing positive relationships gives great incentives for them to recommend your yacht!

Charter Yacht Shows 2020

Charter Yacht Shows are held worldwide. We have listed the Charter Yacht Shows 2020 that boast the greatest charter broker attendance. If these are inconvenient to your location, contact us for information on open house opportunities in your region.

Please let us know ASAP what shows you plan to attend. We provide banners, show materials, send out broker invitations to your special events, arrange for photography and videography on request and assist in any way we can.

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