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Luxury Yacht Charter Destinations across the Seven Seas

Where can your crewed luxury yacht charter take you to? Anywhere you want to go. Visit storied ports where designer shops, renowned restaurants and celebrity haunts line cobbled streets hand-laid a thousand years ago. Cruise turquoise waters of astonishing clarity. Let parti-colored fish eat from your hand. Parallel a shore of ancient towns that impossibly cling to the sheer walls of soaring cliffs. Kite surf, scuba dive, snorkel underwater trails, sunbathe on a private beach. Your options are limitless.

The most popular charter destinations for luxury yacht charter are the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. However, luxury charter yachts are available on virtually every shore that rims the world’s oceans; from the South Pacific to Alaska, New England to Mexico, the Galapagos to Antarctica. All of these destinations offer inexhaustible adventures, exotic ports of call, and spectacular underwater odysseys.

Guadeloupe, Caribbean Island Yacht Charter Destination

Customized Itineraries Worldwide

Do you dream of a deserted beach, a chilled bottle of champagne and a pair of lounge chairs? Would you love to hike up an ancient road to a timeless village with an astonishing view? Does spending the day exploring the shops and museums of a storied city excite you? Whatever your desires, Select Yachts charter brokers work with you to customize an itinerary perfectly tailored to your preferences.

Luxury Yacht Charter in the Caribbean

The Islands of the Caribbean are scattered throughout breathtakingly beautiful waters, rimmed by powder sand beaches that nestle beneath tropical jungles. The gentle, tropical climate benefits from continual, warm trade winds and year around sunshine. Cruise from one amazing island to the next, or circumnavigate your favorite at a leisurely pace.

Visit destinations of visual poetry.

The Caribbean offers superb sailing conditions, unparalleled water sports fun, distinctive shopping and dining, friendly people and a leisurely lifestyle that is contagious. The majority of the charter yachts are based in the Virgin Islands, St. Martin, Antigua, and the Grenadines. For haute cuisine, designer shops, sublime spas and celebrity spotting, an itinerary exploring Sint Maarten/Saint Martin, St Barths and Anguilla will bedazzle. The Grenadines are magical and majestic, from the soaring volcanoes of St. Lucia to the heady spice markets of Grenada. In just seven days, your itinerary can range from the remote to the cosmopolitan, from secluded coves to bustling port towns. Let us design a luxury yacht charter to exceed your dreams.

LF Piton
LF Piton
Yacht port Antibes, French Riviera, France
Antibes, French Riviera

Western Mediterranean Luxury Yacht Charter – Old World Charm

France and Italy have been highly popular charter destinations for decades and for excellent reasons. The French Riviera is dotted with glamorous port towns that are a magnet to an international set of rich and famous. From Antibes to St. Tropez, these alluring seaside towns offer the visitor stunning scenery, fascinating history, unparalleled cuisine, artisan and designer shops, in addition to world-renowned festivals and events, such as the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival.

The Italian Riviera, which includes picturesque Portofino and charming Cinque Terre, as well as the magnificent island of Sardinia, is a land with a carefully preserved history and culture, world famous food and wine, and spectacular natural beauty. If you are enthusiastic about art and architecture, history, culture and cuisine, exploring Mediterranean ports of call will far exceed your expectations.

Sample Luxury Yacht Charter Itineraries in Italy

Two Week Charter in Macinaggio & Tuscan Islands

 Eight-Day Charter in Macinaggio & Italian Coast

One Week Charter in Macinaggio & Tuscan Islands

Yachting Destination Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italian Riviera
Manarola, Italian Riviera

The Eastern Mediterranean – Classical Elegance

Destinations East of Italy: The Eastern Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean as defined by the charter industry includes Greece, Turkey, Croatia and Montenegro. In these countries, vestiges of an ancient past are ever present in the modern world. Cruise through the classically elegant Eastern Mediterranean. Splash about in the waters of Odysseus and walk upon cities of ancient stone. Sail from obscure, uninhabited islands to legendary harbors. Dine and dance at some of the world’s trendiest clubs. Explore a venerable legacy reflected in distinctive cultures, cuisines, and astonishing UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Contact Select Yachts to launch your luxury charter vacation. We match the right yacht and crew to your budget and requirements, anywhere in the world.

Luxury Yacht Charter Destination Fortress of Dubrovnik, Minčeta Tower
Fortress of Dubrovnik, Croatia, Minčeta Tower