Italy Yacht Charter: La Dolce Vita

Italy Yacht Charter, Portofino

Italy yacht charter offers several immensely popular regions: the gilded Italian Riviera, the stunning Amalfi Coast and the Isle of Capri, surprising Sicily, posh Sardinia, magical Venice and the Adriatic. Each region is awe-inspiring, with splendid art and architecture, remarkable historical ruins, some of the world’s finest food and wine, outstanding diving, beautiful beaches and excellent marinas.

The Italian Riviera

If your Italy yacht charter follows the storied arc of coast that lies between the south of France and the Tuscan border you follow in the wake of a privileged aristocracy.

On the Italian Riviera, magnificent hillside villas, engulfed in secrets, contemplate the Ligurian Sea. Medieval hilltop hamlets are fairytale illustrations sprung to life. Welcoming seaport towns offer safe harbor along the rocky shore.

In the urban centers of San Remo, Savona, Portofino and one of Italy’s most underrated cities, Genoa, art and fashion is head-turning, and laundry strung above the street is ignored. Cinque Terre comprises five remarkable towns connected by history and hiking trails. This World Heritage site is an architectural confection unlike any other.

Italian Riviera, villa, gardens, portofino
Italian Riviera, Villa, Gardens, Portofino

Amalfi Coast

Descriptions of this UNESCO World Heritage Site usually include “the world’s most” followed by adjectives: romantic, spectacular, gorgeous, beloved, etc. All correct.

Italy yacht charter guests follow in the steps of poets, pilgrims, conquerors and millionaires who have long journeyed to witness the perfection of nature and triumph of man.

Visit picturesque Positano; Amalfi, a medieval marvel; soaring Ravello, village of the arts; ancient Paestum, a repository of Greek genius, and of course the peerless Isle of Capri. Italy yacht charter will immerse you in la dolce vita.


Italy Yacht Charter, Sicily

Sicily is complex. Its strategic location resulted in a multi-cultural heritage that is rich and rare. It is a gift to all five senses, from art and architecture to the ancient grapes of heady wines, to foods of Arab spice and French technique.

An Italy yacht charter reveals Greek temples and Roman spas, Byzantine mosaics, Baroque cathedrals, and neo-classical neighborhoods. Climb the face of Mt. Etna. Dock in any of many protected harbors, where most everything is photogenic. Fisherman head out in parti-colored boats. Sun worshippers enjoy a waterfront gelato. Young women watch kite-surfers, who narrowly miss colliding as they cavort over the surface of the cobalt sea.


Italy Yacht Charter, Sardinia, Cagliari, tradition

Sardinia is glamorous and rugged, depending on where you dock. Granite cliffs drop down to white sand beaches. Medieval villages and exclusive resorts share the same pristine coast.

The island courts high-profile vacationers with lavish offerings and breathtaking beauty. Prince Aga Kahn designed and built the trendy town of Porto Cervo as a yachting retreat worthy of his friends. Storied yachts from around the world decorate the harbor and the nightlife is legendary.

The nearby villa town of Porto Rotundo is nestled beneath pines and palms. It is especially popular with families and those that prefer more tranquility and less celebrity. Inland, gentle, green mountains belong almost exclusively to shepherds and their flocks.

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