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Corsica Sardinia charter should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Corsica Sardinia charter offers some of the best cruising grounds in the entire Mediterranean. The islands are unique. Each has a fascinating history, culture and cuisine. Here you’ll discover picturesque beaches, excellent water sports opportunities, and a prevailing atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Captain Richard Freeborn says this is one of his favorite yacht charter itineraries. Charter catamaran HAWKEYE, based in San Remo, is perfectly positioned to cruise through these enchanting waters.

Richard is a regional expert. He has worked as a captain and engineer on charter and private yachts throughout the Mediterranean prior to commanding HAWKEYE. His 12-day Corsica Sardinia charter itinerary is penned from personal experience. It is a journey he is delighted to share.

Sail for an hour or cruise the whole day.

One of Corsica’s loveliest towns, Calvi, is just under 90 miles from Hawkeye’s base in San Remo, Italy. It is a 12-hour passage in reasonable weather. However, most guests prefer to start their Corsica Sardinia charter by flying into Corsica’s international airport in Ajaccio.

From Calvi there is great cruising all the way down to Olbia in Sardinia. We visit Bonifacio – arguably the finest natural harbor in the Mediterranean. We sail along the Costa Esmerelda, with plenty of lazy, 20-mile day passages. For a one-week charter, a one-way trip is a great option. We will start in Ajaccio and end in Bonafacio.

Day 1: Calvi, Corsica

Calvi is a town on the northwest coast of the island. The seaport lies on a lovely, crescent-shaped bay. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the amenities at popular beaches.

The ancient city will delight history and architecture buffs with its beautiful old citadel and long ramparts. The quaint marina below is perfect for a stop at a cafe. See the sights and explore Calvi!

Day 2: Calvi to Girolata 

We cruise down the rugged, beautiful west coast of Corsica to the small, protected port of Girolata. This port is a little village, with rocky inlets and a superb anchorage. It falls within the western part of the Corsica Natural Park. The highlights are the scenery, the chance to see the wildlife, the astonishingly clear sea water, and the quaint village.

Corsica Sardinia Charter Aboard Hawkeye

Day 3: Girolata to Ajaccio

From Girolata, we continue south down the beautiful coast. We sail down to the Gulf of Ajaccio, with its amazing mountain-encircled bay. Stroll the old port town of Ajaccio, which is the capital city of Corsica. Most noteworthy, Ajaccio is distinguished as the birthplace of Napoleon.

Corsica Sardinia Charter Aboard Hawkeye

Day 4: Ajaccio to Propriano

The western coast is an area of outstanding with varied natural beauty; soaring cliffs, giant rock formations, and sweeping mountainous vistas. Propriano is about halfway between the Ajaccio to the north and Bonifacio to the south. The ancient town was redeveloped in the 1990s. It now boasts a popular marina and thriving port scene.

Corsica Sardinia Charter Aboard Hawkeye

The town center is largely one long main street. It’s pleasant to explore the traditional houses now often taken over by luxury shops, cafes and bars. Are you eager for sea, sun and sand? Propriano is equally well known for its excellent beaches.

Day 5: Propriano to Bonifacio, Corsica

From Propriano we continue to Bonifacio. This is the southernmost major port in Corsica. The approach is striking. The town is perched high atop sheer limestone cliffs. See if you can spot the well-hidden entrance to the harbor. You could sail right past and not realize that there is a major port just inside. Bonifacio is widely credited as the most beautiful natural harbor in the entire Mediterranean.

First you will want to explore the old citadel. Next, walk down to the waterfront. Take a seat at one of the cafés that ring the harbor. Relax, refresh, and admire the views.

Day 7: Bonafacio to Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio is a charming town at the head of a long, shallow gulf. Crowded into the ancient streets you’ll discover many fine shops and restaurants. The atmosphere is lovely, and it’s a great place for dinner.

Day 8: Porto Vecchio to Rondinara

Corsica Sardinia Charter Hawkeye charter sailing catamaran

This is an amazing, shallow anchorage, which means larger yachts can’t visit. Rondinara beach has repeatedly been voted one of the most beautiful in France. It is considered by many to be the best beach in Europe. This breathtaking strip of sand disappoints no one. It’s fine granules ease into turquoise water. Gentle slopes of beautifully preserved scrubland, decorated with reddish rocks, surround the shore.

Day 9: La Maddalena National Park

From Bonifacio, we leave French waters and cruise South to Italy’s Maddalena National Park. This beautiful set of protected islands lies between Corsica and Sardinia. This is the start of the Costa Esmerelda. You’ll witness some of the world’s largest yachts at anchor. The scenery is stunning, as are the islands, and the swimming is phenomenal.

Day 10: Porto Cervo

Corsica Sardinia Charter Aboard Hawkeye

Puerto Cervo was designed to be one of the most exclusive destinations in the world. Famous Yacht Club Costa Smeralda (usually) welcomes guests from visiting yachts.

Day 11: Cala Di Volpe

No matter where we drop anchor in Cala Di Volpe, we are bound to be a stone’s throw from storied megayachts. The scenery is stunning and the water is very clear. This breathtaking harbor is the home of Aga Khan’s famous Cala di Volpe hotel. We will take you in the dinghy to the hotel for a really special lunch or dinner.

Day 12: Porto Rotundo

This port is the final destination on our Corsica Sardinia charter itinerary. Porto Rotondo, like Porto Cervo, was developed as an exclusive tourist resort. It is a popular getaway for the world’s artists, luxury sunseekers and sport, cinema and fashion celebrities. Nightlife can be as exciting or as peaceful as your mood. Olbia airport is just a 20 minute car ride from Porto Rotundo.

Corsica Sardinia Charter Aboard Hawkeye

HAWKEYE is a Lagoon 450 sailing catamaran that has been custom-designed especially for charter. She offers comfortable accommodations for up to six guests. Berths can be configured according to charter requirements.

HAWKEYE’s home port is San Remo, an  exquisite town on the Italian Riviera. This is an excellent point of departure for Corsica Sardinia charters. Also, it is perfectly based to reach storied ports of call along the fabulous Italian Riviera, especially the Riviera di Levante. HAWKEYE‘s additional itineraries explore the harbor towns of the Cote d’Azure and Sicily.

HAWKEYE Description and Details

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