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Day Charters turn a day into an event

Sailing Yachts, Motor Yachts, Catamarans for Day Charters

Select Yachts offers a stunning variety of day charters on a wide range of yachts. Embark on the ideal charter yacht, with a customized itinerary designed just for you and your guests. Whether you wish to spend a day at play on a toy-loaded catamaran, experience the thrill of heeling over on a sailing yacht, or indulge in corporate team building on a super yacht, we have the perfect yacht and crew. Launch from destinations worldwide, the Caribbean, Florida, the Riviera, Greece, Turkey, whatever shore you wish to depart from.

Family Vacation Charter Vacations
Family Vacation Charter Vacations

Day Charters: from extreme play to supreme relaxation

Luxury day charters offer a day to remember. Whether you are hosting a formal event, a casual celebration, or a day of fun in the sun sun with friends, we have day charters that can accommodate any number of guests in style and comfort. From itineraries to menus, the charter experts at Select Yachts work with you to plan the perfect day on the water for you and your guests.

On day charters, guests can relax and be pampered by an expert crew, hoist the sails and take a turn at the helm, haul in the catch of the day, or jump off the deck and splash in the sea. Charter yachts carry plenty of floating water toys and snorkeling gear. Select Yachts can also arrange for special equipment on board, like kite surf boards or underwater video cameras.

Day Charters make the day extraordinary.

Day charters allow you to spend the day as you please. Keep your heading parallel to shore with a spectacular view of the skyline, or hop from beach to beach. You can dine on deck or have a picnic on a sand spit. Slow down for photographs, speed up to chase the dolphins. Day charters turn a day at the beach into an ocean adventure.

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