Charter Marketing for Yacht Owners

Yacht charter marketing with Select Yachts can turn your precious yacht into a profitable investment.

Yacht Charter Marketing for Luxury Yacht Owners

Select Yachts has decades of experience in successful charter yacht marketing and management. As your Central Agent, we provide comprehensive opportunities for commercial exposure and quality care through a worldwide network of highly skilled professionals. Put our knowledge and resources to work for you.

Select Yachts is a team of yacht owners, crew and industry professionals with a passion for yachting. We know from experience what it takes to create and execute the perfect charter. We know the right questions to ask. Every charter guest, yacht and every crew is unique. Our skill is in making the perfect match.

Owners trust Select Yachts. We are always there for you. That’s why owners, experienced brokers and charter enthusiasts rely on us, year after year. Contact us by name, anytime from anywhere.

Media and Marketing

Select Yachts uses social media, print media, videos, networking events and international yacht charter shows to keep your yacht in the spotlight. Our central agents design and maintain detailed electronic brochures for charter brokers to email to potential clients worldwide. Your E-brochure is continually updated to reflect any changes of equipment, crew, amenities, toys and location in a timely manner. We publish photos that you provide of your yacht and crew, or we can recommend a professional photographer in your region who can best showcase your yacht. We can also produce printed brochures on request.

Central Listings

Select Yachts lists your luxury yacht on CYA (Central Yacht Agent) and CI (Charter Index), charter broker sites that are similar to MLS listings for real estate agents. These websites include in-depth yacht and crew descriptions, rates, availabilities, special offers and electronic brochures for the brokerage community.

Our proprietary website, is a repository of up-to-date information for retail clients, charter brokers, owners and crew. Your yacht has its own page, with a compelling description, photos, crew profiles and testimonials. That’s just one facet of our proven marketing strategy. We post yachting news features, crew interviews, chef’s recipes, cruising itineraries and produce photo and video galleries starring the Select Yachts fleet. Exclusively for brokers, our private, password protected, website provides fleet information, rates, schedules and E-brochures to the worldwide network of charter professionals.

Social Media

Social media is more than a way to reach people, it’s a means to connect, to be human. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Select Yachts blogs are interactive tools we use to engage existing clients and entice new ones. Our high number of media followers underscores the trust and credibility of our company.

Charter Yacht Shows

Select Yachts is very proactive. We attend international charter yacht shows including; BVI and US Virgin Islands, Antigua, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Annapolis, Newport, Monaco, Genoa, Croatia and Poros. July 2016 we launched the inaugural Grenada Charter Yacht Show, an unforgettable success.

The best way to remember something is through first-hand experience. That is why we request that every yacht in our fleet attend at least one show per year. This gives us the opportunity to invite leading brokers to on board events, such as lunches or cocktail parties, or to a familiarization trip, which best reveals the allure of your yacht and level of service on board. Charter shows include activities such as yacht hops, competitions, and seminars, where your crew can demonstrate their skills, abilities and humor.

In this highly competitive industry, it is vitally important to take advantage of this interactive platform. Charter brokers present to their clients those yachts that are memorable, yachts they can envision their clients enjoying the most.

Event Promotion 

  • Sponsored parties and competitions, model shoots and local charity events.
  • Racing and regattas; Antigua Race Week, Classic Race, Swan Regatta and Heineken
  • Agency for Film Shoots, TV and Magazine advertising

Booking Desk

The Select Yachts team carries out a myriad of administrative tasks that are critical to the success of your yacht as a charter business. We prepare standard, legally binding, industry contracts to insure the security and protection of owners, yachts and charter clients. We monitor deposits and payments and maintain an escrow bank account for charter funds. We have support specialists worldwide who assist with everything from money transfers to vessel repairs. We can assist you with travel arrangements, accommodations and concierge services when traveling to or from your yacht.

The yacht charter industry is multi-faceted, and requires a wide range of professional expertise. In addition to central agents and charter brokers, our colleagues include lawyers, marketing specialists, writers, photographers, videographers, web designers, sales brokers, builders, refit specialists, captains and crew. We have the right people who get it right the first time.

Monitoring of Legislation 

Select Yachts diligently monitors changes in laws and legislation regarding chartering the seven seas, including the US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Grenadines, east coast of US Mainland, the Bahamas, the Mediterranean and Pacific.

Select Yachts Office


  • Private mailbox and/or physical address for USPS mail, Fed-Ex, UPS and DHL.
  • Unlimited local/international calls & faxes for fleet crew and owners.
  • Photocopying, scanning and office supplies.
  • Marine Serviceswe keep a data base of reliable contractors, vendors and other essentials to assist your charter yacht and crew worldwide.

Select Yachts main office is located in Fort Lauderdale. We also have Yacht Support Services located in St. Maarten. Offices are open Monday through Friday, plus we operate a 24/7 telephone service to yacht owners, brokers and clients. Our team is always available to help with unexpected requests and emergencies as they arise.

Crew Referrals

Select Yachts will work to assist Owners in hiring professional crew. The crew are asked to provide biographical information, certifications and references. For yacht Owners in our fleet, we are happy to provide two complimentary, vetted crew referrals annually.

For personalized service with proven results trust Select Yachts to manage and market your luxury charter yacht!