Heineken Regatta 87-Year-Old Sailor Inspires Us All!

Charter Sail Piggybank

Heineken Regatta, just a small challenge to couple in their 80s.

Heineken Regatta was more than a race, it was a life lesson this year. It’s not every day you go sailing with a couple as young as Dick and Claire Reed. The Heineken Regatta was held last week. S/V Piggybank was chartered for the race. Glenn Reed and Heather Dawson brought a crew of good sailors on board. Favorite crew members were Glenn’s parents; Dick and Claire, aged 87 and 84 respectively.

Heineken Regatta sailor Dick Reed
Dick Reed at the helm of S/Y Piggybank

Heineken Regatta sails are hoisted.

Dick was excellent on the starboard Genoa winch throughout the race. He masterfully handled all of the tacks and jibes. Claire was the tailer for the main. They hopped around a bit as “railmeat”. Although, with their lean, fit figures, they didn’t provide much ballast!

Dick and Claire brought with them a nice history of sailing experience. This included ownership of a Charlie Morgan 36 center-boarder. The couple sailed her around Long Island Sound and in the Abacos, Bahamas. They were an inspiration for their entire young family. Glenn chartered Piggybank to keep up the family racing tradition.

What do Dick and Claire do when not racing the Heineken Regatta? They organize bicycling tours. One of their favorite tours is biking around Lake Como, Italy. Hmmm, the old adage prevails here… “Life is like a bicycle, as long as you keep pedaling you never fall off”!

Heineken Regatta embodies the Racing Spirit.

Congratulations to all of the sailing yacht crew on board Piggybank. They placed a respectable 6th out of 12 in their class. Each day the yacht and crew did a bit better. When Dick and Claire return next year, we expect great things!

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