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Harry Gilmore

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Fishing registered in USVI and BVI

2 Stand Up Paddle Boards

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Captain Harry Grew up right on the water in Charleston S.C. in a family of watersports enthusiasts and has been around the ocean his whole life. Harry loved to fish, surf, shrimp, wakeboard, and spearfish when growing up and spent all his free time in the water. Harry got his first boat when he was about 12 and has been hooked ever since. During the summers as a teenager harry traveled regularly with family and friends to the Bahamas, Caribbean and central America to boat/fish/surf and swim and has been spending time at his family home in the Bahamas his whole life.

After graduating from High School Harry worked as a wilderness field guide for the national outdoor leadership school in Wyoming and Colorado

doing lots of mountain fly fishing and mountaineering with groups of young adventurers. After finishing school at college of Charleston, Harry worked as a fishing guide in Charleston and owned many of his own businesses including an award-winning catering company, a watersports company and a creative marketing firm.

At about 24 years old harry began selling his businesses to fulfill a dream of moving to Indonesia to surf and explore the islands known for amazing waves and diving. After spending a season as captain of a surfing and diving charter boat based out of Bali, Harry returned to the Bahamas to work on large luxury charter yachts.

He got started working in the yachting industry as first mate on 100- 200,foot charter yachts in the Bahamas and Caribbean and spent a lot of time taking guests fishing and diving and island exploring. After working as a Mate and officer harry began His role as captain and grew to develop a great knowledge of cruising the Bahamas and Caribbean while enjoying working with expert professional crew on some of the worlds nicest yachts for over 7 years.

Captain Harry’s sailing experience started at a young age beginning with small sunfish sailboat regattas with friends. He always had access to the water and spent lots of time sailing and swimming at a young age. After spending time sailing a 160 foot 3 mast schooner as “First Officer” Harry began working more and more in the sailing field of yachting. Just this summer He participated in the winning of the world championship of 12m sailing in Newport, Rhode Island for Team USA.

Captain Harry loves to sail and show others what he knows about the ocean and everything in it. He is known for being an amazingly friendly host and really demonstrates Southern hospitality in his top-notch service as your charter captain. Captain Harry loves to fish, dive and surf and he is a great chef as well. Don’t be surprised if he spears you a lobster, helps you catch a fish and serves you it for a 5-star seafood dinner.

Christin Kruger grew up just outside Washington D.C. in Alexandria Virginia and has been in love with the outdoors and the ocean since as long as she can remember. Christin loved to fish and swim growing up and spent her free time chasing exciting new adventures in nature. She traveled regularly to Zimbabwe to visit her family and Charleston SC, always spending lots of time fishing diving and enjoying the ocean. Christin also spent lots of time playing sports and especially enjoyed the being on the swim team. Growing up she even set a record at her school. Christin has been diving since she was very young and has explored reefs in Mexico and central America as well as the Carolinas and Florida and loves diving more in new exciting places.

After graduating from College Christin spent some time traveling the world and used this time to go on many adventures including fly-fishing in the Scottish highlands, catching massive tunas and climbing mountains in South Africa, tiger fishing in Zimbabwe and diving and exploring new places and oceans.

Christin also spent time working as a wedding banquet caterer in Charleston SC at the most luxurious wedding venue in town and learned a great deal about excellent service and quality management in catering and food service. Later Christin worked as a child program specialist at the South Carolina Aquarium leading educational classes in marine biology and running the children’s educational program as a volunteer.

Christin then began attending ICAST an international fishing convention and worked with a company that promoted conservation. This opportunity allowed her more time to spend fishing in new places.

Christin has spent time working with endangered rhinos in Zimbabwe, as well as worked at a game park.

Christin has a bubbly fun loving and kind helper with a great attitude toward her guests. She wants to offer you the best possible personalized service and experience on our charters and she never disappoints.

Christin loves to cook with fresh seafood and loves the healthy and vegetarian style menu when requested. She will be showing you how to catch a tarpon after dinner on the back of the boat or making you a cocktail unlike anything you’ve ever had! This fun loving adventurous stew is a real go getter when it comes to going above and beyond to satisfy her guests.

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