• 30,015 / Week
  • 34,350 (High Weekly Price)
  • 30,015 (Low Weekly Price)
  • Winter Port: Caribbean Virgin Islands
  • Summer Port: Caribbean Virgin Islands
  • Speed: 18 knts Knots/Hr
  • 10 Guests
  • 5 Cabins
  • 5 Queen
  • 5 Showers
  • Children-Friendly
  • Air Conditioning

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2019 USVI Charter Yacht Show – Best in Show (56’ to 65’) 2019 USVI Charter Yacht Show – 2nd place dessert winner in culinary competition 2019 USVI Charter Yacht Show – Best Themed Yacht Hop 2018 USVI Charter Yacht Show – 1st place in Save the Blue Water Competition BLUE PEPPER offers five guest cabins, each with a queen size berth, en-suite bath with stall shower, electric fresh water flush toilet and vanity. Each guest cabin has an individual control for the A/C to ensure your comfort. There is a very spacious salon, large aft deck for lounging and alfresco dining, and a lovely top fly-bridge offering a 360 degree view of paradise and is fully covered with shade awning for clients comfort.


  • Size: 60.00 Ft
  • Beam: 30
  • Draft: 5
  • Engine: 2 x 110hp Volvo Diesels Cummins Onan quiet diesel 17kw 60hz generator
  • AC: Full
  • Year Built: 2018
  • Builder: Fontaine-Pajot
  • Noodles
  • Underwater lights
  • FISHING NOTE: catch and release ONLY.
  • Blue Pepper is equipped with a full medical kit, oxygen, as well as an automated external defibrillator.
  • They also have a child playpen 24"x33" which fits on the floor in the guest cabins for clients with little ones. All toddlers need a child life vest which parents should purchase at their local store to ensure a proper fit before the charter, complete with a tether please.
  • Onboard WiFi in USVI and BVI for email use, no streaming please.


5 spacious and well appointed staterooms each with en-suite dry bathrooms and separate stall showers. Toilets are all electric and have single press flush cycle. Headroom in cabins and saloon is just over 6’ 8”, toilet is 6’ 7” and shower stall is 6’ 11”. Cockpit has 6’ 11” of headroom. Yacht has quiet central A/C for guest comfort and each stateroom has individual A/C controls. Fly-bridge has full bimini over upper lounge area for shade.

All cabins are standard size queen.

Inquire About This Yacht:


Menu may vary. This is a sample of a recent menu. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions or special requests when booking.

Smoothies, tea selections, fresh orange juice, regular coffee or espresso, cereal, fresh fruits, yogurt, oats, granola, and various breads/ toasts, will always be available

Espresso Biscuits Homemade Biscuit sandwiches filled with a crunchy pancetta, marbleized eggs, collard greens, & espresso aioli.

Good Morning Cowboy Gourmet steak topped with skillet eggs on a crunchy potato bed adorned with caramelized onions and red peppers.

Bangers & Mash England reacipe, gratin mash potato, covered in a dark gravy, topped with sautéed onions, tomatoes, and sunny side up eggs accompanied by spicy sausage, sweet sausage and gammon bacon skewer.

Bonjour Paradise Crepes filled with cream cheese, sliced green onions, dark forest turkey, chopped tomatillos and delicately bathed in a light béchamel sauce. And for breakfast desert; an irresistible baby crepe with fresh berries, Nutella and toasted coconut.

Light n’ Roll Tomato basil wrap, filled with scramble egg whites, low sodium turkey, feta cheese and baked spinach seasoned with a balsamic Dijon vinaigrette. 

Great Greek Crock pot Greek frittata: fresh happy eggs, thin layers of serrano ham, and crumbled feta cheese mixed up with kalamata olives and artichoke hearts with a touch of extra virgin olive oil.


Good Morning VI Pate This is a breakfast tradition in all Virgin Islands, you will find Pates normally in just a simple place that makes food for the local people. Pates are fried dough pockets stuffed with beef, chicken, vegies or salt fish. The chef version can be: beef, chicken, or beans, braised with onion, green pepper and seasoned with a homemade Caribbean spice blend. The original version is fried but a baked version can be made too.

Cachapa Me Up A traditional Venezuelan breakfast, “Cachapa” is made with a grated fresh corn tortilla filled with “queso fresco” (fresh cheese) the chef suggestion serves it accompanied with bean salad and slow cooked pork.

Arepa CaribeÑa This is another Latino-Caribbean classic, it’s a Venezuela National breakfast but you will find “arepas” in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama... This is a delicious homemade white corn bread/tortilla stuffed with an infinite variety of ingredients. The chef favorites are scrambled eggs, veggies frittata, bacon and avocado or Reina Pepeada: chicken, onion, cilantro and avocado cream. You should try it!

Every breakfast will come with a fruit decoration, so the kids can eat healthy and fun. If you are not a child but would love to have something from the kid’s menu, we can make that it happens on a big plate!

Pigs and blankets Breakfast sausage rolled up in white bread slice, finished as a French toast
Chicken & waffles  Deep fried breaded checken topped on a homemade waffle (sausage gravy optional)
Surprise pancakes  Homemade pancakes with a choice:  M&Ms, chocolate chips, berries, banana or all together!
E.B.C.  Eggs, bacon, cheese sandwiches
Chocolate croissant  Home baked
Cinnamon rolls  Home made
Grilled cheese sandwich  Cheese sandwiches...grilled!



Beef Island Tender short ribs on a crunchy home baked baguette, caramelized onion, decorated with a creamy blue cheese sauce, and on the side, a naturally spicy wild arugula salad.    

Pad Thai This traditional Thailand dish is a delicious and refreshing plate. Rice noodle with jumbo shrimp or chicken (or both, the chef’s favorite combination) sautéed in a local tamarind sauce, with a few drops of lemon, local spice, garlic, green onions, beansprouts and roasted peanuts.

Wok for Walk A light and nutritive lunch, summer vegetable combinations, you choose the protein, sautéed in sesame oil and garlic soy sauce, served in a crunchy tortilla bowl.

Pasta del Mare Black fettuccine (negro di sepia) with a Sauvignon Blanc sauce, shrimp, squid, octopus, mussels, crunchy parmesan, and fresh parsley on top.

Anegada Taco Local fresh lobster, cooked in a garlic lime Grand Marnier sauce, topped with a pineapple-mango Pico de Gallo, served with a Mexican coleslaw salad on side.

Green chicken salad Chicken boiled in a saffron broth, mixed with green apples, romaine lettuce, pistachio, celery, and brown rice. Served atop a puff pastry basket.

Jamaica Skewers Chicken and pineapples skewers grilled, on top of a quinoa coconut tower, mango habanero salsa and plantains on the side.

Triple C Burger Creole Crab Cake patty made with crab claw meat, goat cheese, thin sliced cabbage and a homemade mayonnaise with local spices served with a pepper butter corn on the cob.

V.I. Tradition Roti is a tradition in all Virgin Islands, a plate with an Indian influence. It’s a homemade tortilla that has a totally different flavor and texture when compared with a Mexican style tortilla. Inside of this “Indian burrito” you will find chicken, chick peas, onions, sweet peppers, and potato, cooked in a yellow curry sauce, with a homemade mango chutney on top.

Blackened Mahi Sanduba Mahi Mahi sandwich, spiced with the chefs homemade blackened seasoning, served on a brioche roll, with lettuce and a homemade tartar sauce, with a potato salad side.  


Chicken nuggets
Mini pizza
Ham & Cheese panini
Hot dogs

Charcuterie board

Baked camembert on a rustic bread
Homemade hummus, mini pita bread and vegies
Organic blue corn tortilla chips with homemade salsa and cheese dip
Mini pastry, ham and cheese, asparagus, provolone, and caprese.
Prosciutto & water melon with other exquisites
Canapes:  Salmon and cream cheese, pineapple and bacon

Peanut butter and jelly

Homemade cookies
Or anything that we will find on the preference list!



Goat cheesecake Goat’s cheesecake with a caramelized red onion jam, micro greens on top, and a touch of crunchy bacon.

Coconut shrimp curry soup Authentic, bold and full of flavors, this soup has coconut milk, homemade red curry, and a touch the heavy cream, can be served cold or hot and is perfect to open the appetite for the next plate…

Moroccan creamy Creaminess, flavor contrast, and color is what this soup offering. Butternut squash, goat cheese, ginger and pistachios.

Summer Gazpacho Fresh tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion blended with spices, and garnished with a basil crouton.

Black ravioli Squid ink homemade ravioli with smoked salmon and cream cheese served in a pink aioli sauce.

Lemongrass Wontons Boiled wonton filled with ground beef with lemon grass, veggie mix, and ginger. Served with a sweet & spicy homemade sauce.

Elegant Pear  Pear pan seared, Iberic ham, goat cheese, and a touch of honey.

Coconut Shrimp Deep fried langostino covered with crunchy coconut, served with a spicy passion fruit sauce.

Acra A famous French Caribbean creole food, similar to a conch fritter but using a salt fish, the flavor and texture deserve to be tasted.

Madurito From Puerto Rico to the Blue Pepper table, we have a simple and unique combination, sliced and wrapped sweet plantain roll filled with a Julienne cut New York steak served with a garlic cream sauce.



Mi Mignon A perfect piece of mignon wrapped in a thin bacon slice, sous vide to a perfect temperature, served with fondant potato, Zucchini flower and a Malbec reduction.

Mama Mia! Veal parmesan scaloppini, served on top of a creamy polenta, covered in a traditional pomarola sauce and served with brussels sprouts. Italy on the table!

Oso Bucanero Slow cooked ossobuco in a vegetable sauce, with a creamy azafran risotto and parmesan ice cream.

Shrimp Pineapple bowl Jumbo shrimp sautéed in garlic butter and lime, jasmine and wild rice cooked with veggies and pineapple, decorated with a crunchy Iberic ham and cilantro. Served in a pineapple bowl!

Atunado Blackened Tuna, with wasabi mash potato on top of a ratatouille matt, and a spicy lime coconut sauce.

Caribe on the grill Traditional BVI dinner, barbecue ribs covered in the chef’s house made BBQ sauce, salted veggies served with mini potatoes & a colorful garlic butter sauce.

Muqueca Traditional Brasilian dish, fresh grouper cooked in coconut milk, served with a cilantro lime rice and sliced sweet red, green, & yellow peppers

Mofongo Chicken breast stuffed with veggies, ham, and cheese, “mofongo” (mashed green plantain), served with asparagus and an irresistible aioli cream sauce.


Meat balls
Macaroni and cheese with grilled chicken
Milanesita with mashed potato (thin steak, breaded, and baked or fried)
Chicken stuffed with ham and cheese with yellow rice
Fish fingers and baked potato
Chicken noodle soup
Any favorite plates from the kids!



Sweet Wonton Crispy cinnamon wonton layers filled with homemade vanilla whip cream and fresh berries
Flowerless Chocolate Cake A classic recipe made from scratch using a high-quality dark chocolate, & with a homemade white chocolate mint drizzle.
Jar Lime Pie Key lime pie mousse served in an individual mason jar.
Pink Pie Strawberry cheese cake made with real fruit, with a dark chocolate drizzle
Drunk Banana Flambé Banana flambéed in a dark spiced rum, served with a house made coconut ice cream
Tia Maria Thin cookies soaked in a coffee liqueur, mounted between layers of homemade vanilla pudding.
Desert Passion Passion fruit mousse, on top of an Oreo crust.
Creme Brulee Traditional Crema Catalana made with real vanilla beans, and local sugar caramelized on top, classic and perfect just like it is.
Flan Caribeno Vanilla flan, with the addition of a touch of local spiced rum and coconut, with a caramel and raisin rum drizzle.


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