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Private Yacht Vacations: A Guide to Booking Your Luxury Yacht Charter

How do you decide what kind of private yacht charter is right for you? This charter guide can answer your question. There are a wide variety of yachts available in almost every port of call worldwide. The first step is to determine the type and size yacht that best suits your needs and budget. We’ve created this guide to help you decide. Call Select Yachts today!

Yacht Charter Information

Motor Yacht Charters

Yacht Charter

Are you seeking a luxurious mega yacht charter, or a superyacht charter with silver service crew? In general, superyachts have a length overall from 100–200 feet. Mega yachts exceed 200 feet in length. Both usually accommodate up to 12 guests and represent the pinnacle of luxury yacht hire. Motor yacht charter is our industry term for yachts with a length overall between 65-100 feet. These yachts are great fun for speeding from port to port. With a shallower draft, they can access areas off-limits to larger yachts. The number of guests, desired location and budgetary considerations are all important factors in determining the ideal luxury yacht charter for you.

Sailing Yacht Charters

Yacht Charter

There are two types of sailing vacations; sailboat charter and catamaran charter. Sailing enthusiasts will tell you that nothing compares to a gorgeous day under sail. The ocean breeze caresses, the salt spray tingles your entire being. Sailing yachts will heel over in the wind, which adds speed and excitement. Catamarans have a very wide beam straddling two hulls. They are very popular for their expansive interiors and stability. Whether you prefer a sailboat or catamaran yacht charter, the experience is exhilarating and very romantic. Imagine gliding silently over the water, powered only by the wind. Your hull skimming the same currents as the intrepid mariners of bygone days. Sailing transports your soul.

Number of Guests, Number of Cabins

Yacht Charter

You will arrange your own group for your luxury boat hire. Accommodations are also an important consideration. Couples prefer a private stateroom, but kids enjoy bunking in Pullmans. Friends chartering together, on the other hand, usually prefer to have their own berth. Your Select Yachts charter broker carefully considers the yacht layout and cabin configuration before presenting a selection of available yachts.

What is your dream destination? Deserted, powder white sand beaches, trendy European ports, Mediterranean antiquities? The Caribbean, the Bahamas, the French and Italian Riviera, Greece, Croatia, New England, the Pacific Northwest, Asia and the South Pacific are favorite regions to charter a yacht. Love a particular yacht or crew? Want to explore regions more exotic and remote? Select Yachts can also arrange to reposition a yacht. We can reserve your favorite yacht with your favorite crew to embark almost anywhere on earth.

Ready, Set, Yacht Charter

You will work with an experienced broker who specializes in the type of yacht you prefer. A one-on-one conversation defines your specific requirements, budget, number of cabins, amenities and itinerary. We help you select and book the ideal yacht, provide standard industry contracts to protect you, and insure that the provisions, activities and itinerary are customized to your specifications.

Yacht Charter

Most yacht charter companies can find you crewed yacht charters worldwide. What makes Select Yachts an industry leader? Our charter brokers are different. We are marine industry veterans and experienced crew, so we know the best of the best in yacht vacations. We’ve visited the charter regions, toured the yachts and met the crews. In addition to this, we make booking the perfect luxury charter yacht an effortless process for you and are intimately familiar with the journey you are about to embark on.

In addition to booking your yacht and crew, we can assist with hotels, transfers, and special requests. We are your personal consultants and work diligently to make your vacation unforgettable. There is no cost to you for our services.

Contact Select Yachts today to launch your dream luxury yacht charter vacation. We are at your service!


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