Ten Great Reasons to Charter a Yacht

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Why charter a yacht? Here are ten great reasons.

1.)  Your itinerary can include lots of islands without travel hassles.

Ten Reasons to Charter a Yacht

You won’t pack and repack bags, board planes or catch ferries, locate a hotel or research the best restaurant. You will just kick back and relax. Cruise to the next port and spend your time in superb enjoyment.

2.) Enjoy personalized, top-level service.

The job of your crew is to provide a fabulous vacation. Advance planning helps the crew to “get to know you” before you even arrive. By the first day they already know how you like your coffee and cocktails, your idea of fun and relaxation, and what you want to achieve, if anything, on your yacht charter vacation. The crew make it all happen.

3.) Yachting is living on the water.

Ten Great reasons to charter a yacht

There is nothing better than a refreshing dip in the ocean when you awake in the morning…or a quick explore on the paddle board before breakfast. It just makes the day seem right! Not a morning person? Take an afternoon dive or snorkel! Not into water sports? Let your crew arrange a relaxing massage on board!

4.) Do it your way; extreme, active, or leisurely.

Why charter a yacht? If you’re up for a challenge, charter a yacht to compete in a regatta or race. Like life in the fast lane? Many yachts carry wave runners, water skis and even motorcycles for onshore exploration. Some yachts have on board diving, or your crew will arrange rendezvous dives.

Prefer relaxing in the surf? Float about on an inflatable with a tropical beverage in hand. Have oodles of fun with all of the toys and gear your crew pulls from the lazarette.

5.) Spend quality time with friends and family.

We often miss the time to just relax and laugh in our everyday lives. Why charter a yacht? To laugh, learn, discover and play with the people you care most about. Share adventures, make memories.

6.) Access the inaccessible.

Yacht to beaches, coves, ancient ruins and seaside villages that cars and tourists don’t reach. The water is gin-clear. The beach has no footprints. Take a book, hike a trail, have a picnic, sip a piña colada, hold hands, watch the kids romp, find a shell, meet some fish as you snorkel beneath the shimmering sun.

7.) Shore excursions to storied ports of call.

Ten Reasons to Charter a Yacht

Much of civilization developed around the ports and harbors. See the best sites in all of the countries, islands, cities and villages on your itinerary. Visit historic sites, museums, galleries and shops…or maybe some famous restaurant or club – all within walking distance of your private yacht.

8.) It’s good for your mind, body and spirit.

Ten Reasons to Charter a Yacht

Why charter a yacht? To regain balance. Spend some down time. Get away from the daily distractions.  Breathe fresh air, put down that computer and iPhone. Eat well, (often too well). Burn it off with exercise that feels like play in the world’s most beautiful places.

9.) There are some great deals.

Owners of charter yachts want you aboard. They work with management companies to keep charter rates competitive, hire vetted crews, and periodically offer excellent special deals. Just think, you have the privilege of enjoying a luxury yacht and crew for a week, or a month, without the requirements of ownership. Although, often just one week on charter inspires guests to become yacht owners.

10.)  Charter Brokers make yacht charter easy.

Ten Reasons to Charter a Yacht

Your broker is your personal charter concierge. Select Yachts Charter Brokage division, or your favorite broker, works with you to clarify which yacht types, locations, amenities, itineraries and  pricing is right for you. She matches the right boat to your charter and lifestyle needs!

Contact Select Yachts to book your yacht charter today. Looking to purchase an excellent charter yacht? Our licensed Sales Brokers work with you from inception to contract and beyond. Select Yachts is known for honest, professional advice you can trust.

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