Mediterranean Yacht Charter

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Luxury Mediterranean Yacht Charter to Exclusive Ports of Call

Private yacht charter to the Mediterranean offers something for everyone. You’ll anchor off beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and great dive, snorkel and kite boarding sites. Plus, there’s so much to experience on shore, from classical antiquities to epicurean delights to haute couture boutique shopping.

In the charter industry, the Western Mediterranean includes France, Italy, Corsica and Sardinia. The Eastern Mediterranean designates Greece, Turkey, Croatia and Montenegro. Wherever your dream Mediterranean yacht charter destination, Select Yachts matches you with the perfect yacht and crew.

A French Riviera yacht charter includes celebrity favorites; St. Tropez, Cannes, Nice and Monaco. Yacht charters in Italy, through the Italian Riviera or the Amalfi Coast, reveal stunning landscapes with picturesque harbors that exude timeless allure. Yacht charter Greece juxtaposes ancient and modern. You’ll find astonishing archeological sites and some of the trendiest beaches and clubs on the planet. Luxury yacht charter Croatia reveals a rich history and culture against a backdrop of spectacular, natural beauty.

The Western Mediterranean: Classical Chic

Mediterranean Yacht Charter

The Riviera has been the preferred holiday destination for generations of commoners and kings. This is a mecca for superyacht charter in the Mediterranean. In summer, storied yachts with vacationing luminaries fill the harbors. For those who prefer to keep a low profile, embark on a less conspicuous catamaran yacht charter or sailing yacht charter. This  provides greater anonymity without sacrificing meticulous service and a dazzling itinerary.

Embark on a French Riviera yacht charter, also known as the Côte d’Azur. Enjoy a landscape of lush mountains, cobalt seas and warm sun tempered by cool Mediterranean breezes. There are quaint villages and marvelous cities to explore, along with stunning beaches and plenty of water sports fun.

Mediterranean Yacht Charter

There is every reason why the Italian Riviera has been the favorite escape of artists and poets, conquerors and kings. Embark on a yachting adventure along this storied coast and see for yourself. The Riviera di Ponente, known as the coast of the setting sun, extends westward from Genoa to the French border. The Riviera di Levante or, the coast of the rising sun, runs east from Genoa to Capo Corvo, just south of La Spezia. Every port of call is unique, a living repository of culture and beauty.

Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter: Amalfi, Capri, Positano, Ravello

This stretch of rugged coastline has hosted the rich and famous for centuries. Visit the palaces of kings and the medieval monasteries of monks. Enjoy a concert in the very garden poets and writers found their muse. Just off the mainland, the island of Capri is as glamorous as imagined, and visiting the underwater grottos is unforgettable.

Luxury yacht charter Amalfi Coast is a like a beautiful dream you will cherish forever. In Amalfi, you’ll find an ancient plaque that reads, “People of Amalfi, you need not fear death, you are already in Paradise.

Sardinia yacht charter and Corsica yacht charter, or an itinerary including both destinations, are a tantalizing adventure. Imagine a place where an azure sea laps the shores of gently rising mountains, rich in flora and fauna. Medieval seaside villages offer tantalizing food, wine, history and exciting nightlife. Whether you embark on a Sardinia sailing yacht charter, or indulge in a super yacht charter around Corsica, these painterly landscapes will leave you breathless.

The Eastern Mediterranean: Epic Beauty

Mediterranean Yacht Charter

Yacht Charter Greece

Luxury yacht charter Greece provides a fascinating reveal of culture, cuisine, history, nature and undersea exploration. There are five different island groups. Each offers a different yacht charter Greek Islands experience. It’s why charter enthusiasts return again and again to explore anew.

The Saronic Islands, positioned near Athens, are perfect for charter guests who prefer a land and sea vacation. The laid-back Ionian Islands, with exquisite beaches and quiet bays, are the favorite for catamaran charter in Greece. The Sporades archipelago is a preferred hideaway for high-profile, mega yacht Mediterranean charter, with many secluded coves and tiny beaches that offer a rare level of privacy.

Mediterranean Yacht Charter

The Dodecanese, near Turkey, present an enchanting exploration of the ancient, the historic and the contemporary. The Cyclades, which include Mykonos, Santorini and Ios, comprise the most famous archipelago. This is a favorite option for an opulent sailing yacht charter in Greece. Here you’ll find everything in high definition, from World Heritage sites to wild (foam) parties.

Yacht Charter Croatia 

Croatia has become a favorite destination for Mediterranean yacht charters. The dramatic coast boasts modern marinas, historic towns and spectacular offshore islands. Dominated over centuries by foreign empires, from Illyria to Austria, Croatia is a repository of exquisite art, architecture and culture. There is world-class wind and kitesurfing, and divers can explore ancient wrecks and ruins. You’ll also find exclusive nightclubs, upscale restaurants and boutique shops, lodged in eight centuries of historic architecture.

Mediterranean Yacht Charter

On your Mediterranean yacht charter crewed by a professional staff you travel carefree, in luxurious style, with your own private chef. Everything is organized according to your tastes, yet everything is flexible. You call the shots. Linger for an extra day at a place that’s captured your imagination. Change your itinerary to meet up with new friends. The goal of your captain and crew is to insure a perfect yacht charter.

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