Select Yachts Team Testimonials

Select Yachts Team:

Select Yachts Team Testimonials

“We Love Select!!” Kay, Mila & Amy

Select Yachts Team is proud to have so many brokers and often repeat clients, who are so pleased in working with us that they are inspired to put pen to paper.

“I’m excited about my sweet family on Lady M. You ladies do an amazing job managing your boats/crews. Thanks for checking in! I’ll be back with some other business soon.”  Georgia

“Select is the best! They are always spot on and very professional.” Pino

“We have loved chartering and really enjoyed working with you and everyone at Select Yachts. We would recommend you to anyone as we are always impressed by your efficiency and professionalism.” Sally

“Thanks for the help!  Love working with you guys at Select!  Fair Winds!” Kevin
“Thank you team Select for the exceptional treatment. We were beyond thrilled with the excellent broker feedback we received from the Grenada Charter Yacht Show!”
Robert K.
“You guys are the best when it comes to catamaran charters.” Charl

Charter Client Feedback:

Ann E McHorney, CEO Select YachtsAnn E McHorney, CEO

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your assistance in coordinating everything during our trip.  The planning and logistics were seamless and made the trip even more enjoyable. As we told the crew, we spent a lot of time planning this trip and our expectations were very high but we were not prepared to have them exceeded to the degree they were. Thank you for all of your help in making our week so special.  We will all be spreading the word!” Ben

“It’s freaking awesome. You made a great a recommendation !!!!  Just a quick note to tell you we are having a fabulous vacation. The crew are just amazing. They have made the trip.  And the boat is great as well.  Such a great time!” Susan

I want to thank you for your time and your education. I was a novice “boat person” and your attention was extremely helpful.  We loved the yacht, the crew, and the trip. Everything was seamless. Consider me a loyal customer. I look forward to chartering again and to recommending you to my friends. Warmest regards!” Jill

“Ann was wonderful to work with and provided us with great recommendations and support throughout our planning process.” Marty

“Great trip. The crews were top notch. They worked well together and all very accommodating. You should pick up a few more clients from the trip:) Thanks so much for all the help!” Dan: Tandem charter in the Bahamas aboard S/C Serenity Now and P/C Seagrass.

Owners, Brokers and Crew Feedback:

Our Team, Marilyn

Marilyn Eckel, Central Agent

Thank you for all the effort you put in to make our charters successful, Marilyn; we appreciate you xxx Donald & Audrey

I have had the pleasure to meet and work with Marilyn and truly I can only say good things and recommend her and her team ????. They truly look after the owners, guest and crew. Liz

“Thanks so much for jumping on this so quickly and getting me answers. You are such an awesome CA!! ????” Dayle

“Marilyn, you are a wizard at how you juggle everything. You ARE!! Love working w/you.  ♥ Owners should be grateful.” Margo

“Marilyn you are the lynch pin to everything, and just amazing to work with, you were brilliant throughout and certainly helped me an awful lot managing the clients. We thank YOU!!” Lucinda

“Our industry would be far more productive with more Marilyn’s around. Thanks for your delicate manner in crossing rivers and climbing mountains.” Andrew

“I like it when you managers are proactive and double check to make sure I’m thinking of everything. It helps!” Laura

“It’s great working with you. because you know the ins and outs, know what’s doable, and have expert legal insight. In the end, whether I’m working with crew, managers or owners, building partnerships and trust is key to success. Ours is a great partnership!” George

“You are a sweetheart! Your support is just incredible, thank you!  We know it is a Saturday and you still do research and help us wherever you can.  You are simply incredible and we cannot thank you enough! ” Audrey

“I have a new client looking to charter and I wanted to come straight back to yourself and Select before trying anywhere else (was very happy with the service and feedback last time).” Barry

Thank you Marilyn, not only for your efforts, but for your extra common sense and professionalism in everything.” Charly & Carolina

I have to share that you/Select Yachts are always the quickest, most thorough responders whenever I inquire to Cent​r​al Agents!  Thank you- it is always such a streamlined process to book with you and Select Yachts, and I am so pleased that the charter went so well! Liza

Thank you so much Marilyn. You have been so AMAZING!!!! Those boat owners are so lucky to have you!!! Believe me. Thank you!” Kate

“To be honest I have started choosing my yachts based on CA!!!!!
You are just fabulous!!!! Thanks so much Marilyn!!!!” Lucinda

“I so appreciate all of your good help with this (charter booking).  You are one of the most efficient and nicest people to work with in the industry.” Mary

“Thanks for being there.. And you are very  fortunate to have the ‘best in the business’ with Marilyn of Select Yachts.” Margo

“My clients were very happy! Thnx for all your help and a very happy ending. Marilyn, you are THE BEST! I love working with you and Anne.” Georgia

“Thank you so much for all your great support. It is a real pleasure working with you :)” Astrid

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