The Americas: Natural Wonders, Urban Chic, Village Charm

The Americas offer near limitless charter yacht destinations.

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Together they equal most of Earth’s western hemisphere and comprise the New World. Extending in a north-south orientation, nearly 9,000 miles of diverse landscapes, climates, cultures and cuisines offer superb yachting adventures of every kind.

Select Yachts designs your charter according to your preferences. Imagine an itinerary of exotic adventure, or a focus on natural wonders, or visiting historic sites, or immersion in classic Americana. Ports of call in the Americas offer a treasure trove of possibilities.

The Americas, New York Select Yachts will reserve the charter yacht of your dreams. We can book you a private explorer yacht for an expedition up the Amazon, or a classic schooner tosail to quaint New England harbor towns, a sportfish yacht to play in the storied waters of coastal Mexico, or a megayacht of unparalleled luxury in Miami. Our experts can assist you in choosing your yachting destination or help fine-tune a precise vacation plan. We will find you the ideal yacht and crew and customize the perfect itinerary for your adventure in the Americas.

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Pacific Northwest

The mainland of the Americas is the world’s longest north-to-south landmass. The climate and ecology varies strongly across the Americas, from arctic tundra of Northern Canada and Alaska, to the tropical rain forests in Central America and South America. Luxury charter yachts are available to cruise to fascinating destinations on the Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean coasts, through the Great Lakes, and the Mississippi and Amazon rivers.

Explore Some Possibilities:

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Contact Select Yachts to book your luxury yacht charter in destinations throughout the the Americas…. Alaska, Amazon, Baja, Belize, Brazil, California, Canada, Florida, Galapagos, Great Lakes, Hawaii, Maine, Mexico, Newport, New England, New York, Panama and more.

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