The Eastern Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean: Ancient and Exotic

Greece, Turkey, Croatia and Montenegro are considered by charter brokers as destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean. Each offers charter guests a fascinating experience of culture, cuisine, history, nature and undersea exploration. Of the 6,000 Greek islands and islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, only 227 islands are inhabited. Croatia, dominated over centuries by foreign empires, from Illyria to Austria, is a repository of exquisite art and architecture. Turkey’s currents that once carried the ships of Odysseus now reach the shores of celebrated hideouts and haunts secluded from peering paparazzi.

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Croatia: Yacht Charter Along the Adriatic Coast

Croatia Yacht Charter: Cruising the Adriatic Sea from Istria to Montenegro Jacques Cousteau wrote that the most beautiful body of water as he knew it...

Turkey: The Turkish Riviera The Turkish Riviera stretches along more than a thousand kilometers of shoreline through Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Superyacht marinas with upscale facilities...

Ionian Islands: mythical, magical and inspirational. The islands that lie off the western coast of Greece offer gentle cruising to villages steeped in tradition and...

Imagine scanning the horizons of Odysseus from your sun deck, or meandering along the same flowering footpaths that have linked villages since prehistoric times. Trails here, which...

Sporades Islands of Greece: Leisurely Island Living Sporades Island of Skiathos Clad in pine forests, olive groves, and scattered medieval ruins, Skiathos offers a range of...

Greece, a mythic land where ancient roots inform the modern world. Embark on an odyssey of time travel, from the profundity of World Heritage sites...

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