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Tahiti is a colony of France. French is the only official language. But, just eavesdrop on the locals. You’ll hear the lilting and widely spoken Reo Maohi language. In Tahiti you will see French products everywhere. These companies’ logos, trademarks and copyrights are familiar to every Parisian. That’s where similarities between France and Tahiti ends. This lush island of volcanic mountains is renowned for spectacularly beautiful anchorages and dramatic black sand beaches.

Papeete is the capital city on the northwest coast. It is a vibrant tourist hub. You’ll find world-class restaurants, luxury spas, exciting nightlife and great shopping. The downtown area also has many tourist attractions. While in Papeete visit Le Marche, the public market. You won’t see French logos, trademarks and copyrights here, just dazzling tropical fruits, fresh flowers, and purely Tahitian arts and crafts.

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