Crewed Yacht Charter Greece: Secret Islands

Crewed yacht charter Greece, Secret Islands
Crewed Yacht Charter Greece

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Crewed yacht charter Greece is your guide to five marvelous Greek Islands that you probably haven’t heard of before. That is to say, their ports that are not clogged by cruise ship passengers. They do not have overcrowded beaches, frenetic clubs, or throngs of sightseers. Instead, they are alternative stops to enrich your yachting adventure. So, if you plan a yacht charter in the Cyclades, Ionian Islands, or Northeast Aegean, dare to chart a different course. Be a more adventurous traveler. Go where the Greeks vacation.

Crewed Yacht Charter Greece: Cyclades Islands

Cyclades Crewed yacht charter Greece


Tinos lies only five miles northwest of the party island of Mykonos. But, this 75-square-mile Aegean island remains well under the radar. Charter yachts rarely visit, because neighboring Mykonos gets all the hype. However, for those who do, a captivating island awaits.

Crewed Yacht Charter Greece

A few knowledgeable foreigners vacation here, with a colony of expat entrepreneurs who own homes. But it’s the Greek visitors who arrive in large numbers. Tinos is known as the Holy Island, the Lourdes of Greece. First, you’ll witness the faithful, making their way on hands and knees. They crawl up a strip of carpet from the port. Finally, they ascend the steps of the Sacred Church of the Evangelists to kiss the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary.

But there are lots more reasons why this island is out of this world. For example, in some 50 villages, marble sculptors have transformed lintels, doorways and fountains into works of art. As you explore the sage-scented countryside, Cycladic cubist architecture offers spectacular sea views. When you arrive at sweeping beaches, like Agios Ioannis Porto, they are nearly empty.

Tinos is fast becoming known as a foodie paradise. During your visit, dine at a family-run taverna. Savor fresh food is sourced from local tomato and artichoke farms, heather honey from small-batch beekeepers, and organic wine from revitalized vineyards like Domaine de Kalathas. Visit Tinos Food Paths for upcoming foodie events.


Crewed yacht charter in Kythnos, Cyclades, Greece

The perimeter of Kythnos Island offers a superb circumnavigation for crewed yacht charters.  The 36-nautical-mile route offers smooth sailing with great views. Cruise past picturesque bays with seaside villages and beautiful beaches. There are marinas and piers with tie offs where you can moor, depending on your type of yacht. If your crewed yacht charter Greece carries a car or motorcycle in the garage, you’re set to tour inland. Otherwise, you can rent a jeep to go exploring.

Greek cuisine at a beachside taverna.

Kythnos is also the name of the main town. You won’t find even a fraction of Santorini’s omnipresent Instagram crowds here. You will find cafes with old men drinking coffee in the morning and ouzo in the afternoon. At Tratamento, Irini Pageneli is busy making cakes, candies, cheese pies and liquors. A focal point of the town is the Church of Panagia Nikous. Built on ancient ruins, it is located in the center of town.

The Bay of Loutra is a very popular anchorage. Loutra hosts the only Thermal Springs in Cyclades. The Hydrotherapy building was completed in 1857.  Queen Amalia’s infertility was treated in royal, marble baths here. The Centre operates from June – October.

The whitewashed village of Messaria is an oddity of stately mansions and domed cave houses. Stop on the island’s south side for a dip on the long, sandy stretch known as Agios Dimitrios. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, relax at any one of the seaside tavernas around the island.

Antiparos seafront with traditional Cycladic architecture


Sail to Antiparos if you’re looking to escape Mykonos’s glitzy nightlife and celebrated social scene. The island lies north of Santorini and just off the shores of Paros. Get back to nature on your crewed yacht charter Greece. Antiparos reveals quiet coves and secluded caves reached only by boat. Conditions are excellent for swimming, snorkeling, diving and kitesurfing.

Crewed Yacht Charter Greece

Antiparos offers a rare combination of traditional and enlightened thought. It’s whitewashed buildings, cobblestone streets and blue doors framed by bougainvillea trees are ancient and quintessentially Cycladic. Yet, easy-going residents have welcomed naturalists, artists and free spirits for decades. Every pristine beach on the island allows nudity. So, if you love sunbathing and swimming a natural, you’ll feel right at home in Antiparos.

The main town evolved around a 15th-century Venetian castle. While much of the archaic architecture has been altered, many homes retain original features. First, take a stroll down cool, ancient streets. Poke around the shops and tavernas. Next, relax in the main square. You might just espy Madonna, or villa owner Tom Hanks. Finally, have a Greek coffee or a cocktail at Boogaloo Cocktail Bar. Nearby, Antiparos Cave and the Historical and Folklore Museum of Antiparos is a popular attraction. The vertical cave is a natural wonder of stalactites, stalagmites and Stone Age carvings.

Crewed yacht charter Greece in the Ionian Islands

Crewed Yacht Charter Greece: Ionian Islands

On a crewed yacht charter, the Ionian Islands are uniquely appealing. A legacy of ancient mythologies, occupation by the Venetians, French and British, and close proximity to Italy has made this archipelago different. The history, architecture, culture and cuisine are a captivating amalgamation of influences.

The cruising region includes six main islands off the west coast of Greece, in the Ionian Sea. These are: Zakynthos, Ithaca, Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Paxi. But, the smaller islands: Antikythira, Antipaxi, Ereikousa, Mathraki, Othonoi, Meganisi and Strofades, have a lot going for themselves.

Crewed yacht charter Greece in the unique Ionian Islands

Paxi & Antipaxi

Paxi, the smallest of the big six, has a jagged coastline of pocket beaches nestled between cliffs, secluded bays and underwater caves to explore. Inland, Paxi’s rolling hills are covered in olive groves and pine forests shade scenic villages. The island is crisscrossed by hiking trails. Sample young wine from small, family-owned vineyards. Visit the impressive Venetian Agios Nikolaos Fortress and enjoy the Paxos Music Festival in September.

At Antipaxos, take a dip at Orkos Beach (one of the most beautiful in the Ionians). If you’re visiting in the summer, check the calendar for many local music festivals that take place throughout both islands.

On Zante Island, visit Agios Dionysios Church, the remains of the Venetian Fort on picturesque Bochali area, the Exhibition Centre for the protection of the local sea turtle in Zante’s marine park, and Milaneio Maritime Museum.

Crewed Yacht Charter Greece

Crewed Yacht Charter Greece: Northeast Aegean Islands

Limnos (Lemnos)

High profile clients who prefer anonymity particularly enjoy the islands of the Northern Aegean. Limnos offers a delightfully quiet escape. You’ll spot a superyacht here and there, claiming a sheltered bay to anchor in peaceful seclusion. The shoreline reveals a landscape of traditional villages and stone houses nestled in pine forests on small hills.

Crewed Yacht Charter Greece

There are many sites of historic and archeological importance. The most ancient is the Petrified Forest, with fossilized trunks, leaves, fruit and palm-tree roots aged 20-22 million years. Near Myrina, the Capital, is the curative spring of Therma. According to Homeric myth, Hephaestus was led to Therma in order for him to heal his cuts and bruises after the fall from Olympus.

The beaches are long and lovely. You can snorkel, swim or spend your days learning to kite surf on Keros Beach, where Surf Club Keros gives lessons. For more information, visit the Lemnos website.

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