Caribbean Summer Festival: Yacht Charter Dazzle!!

Caribbean summer festivals, color your yacht charter

Caribbean Summer Festival: Color Your Yacht Charter Brilliant!

What’s the best time for a Caribbean yacht charter? Anytime! But if you plan your yacht charter during a Caribbean summer festival celebration it’s even more fun! The streets are electric! There’s music and dancing, parades and performers, exhibitions and races, street food and trinket vendors. It’s a great cultural opportunity that only happens a couple of times a year. Just imagine, the sea is balmy, the beaches sparkle and the spectacle in the streets is bedazzling.

Caribbean Summer Festival: color your yacht charter

Grenada: Spice Mas

Caribbean summer festival Spice Mas actually begins festivities in mid-July. The fun accelerates with increasing intensity until August 13. Brimming with the pageantry and expression of African, French, British and Caribbean heritage, Carnival is colorful, humorous and full of surprises. Jump up and dance to kaiso, a musical tradition that originated in West Africa and later evolved into calypso. You’ll also hear soca, calypso and steel pan music from spicemas bands competing for Carnival honors. Everything comes to a fabulous crescendo on August 13, when the entire island is happily jumping up.

Caribbean summer festivals, color your yacht charter

Saturday 03 August 2019 – Children’s Carnival Frolic (Kiddies Carnival)
Friday 09 August 2019 – Soca Monarch/Groovy Finals
Saturday 10 August 2019 – SMC/NLA National Panorama
Sunday 11 August 2019 – Dimanche Gras
Monday 12 August 2019 – J’ouvert, Pageant, Monday Night Mas
Tuesday 13 August 2019 – Parade of the Bands/Last Lap

BVI: Emancipation Festival Celebrations

Caribbean summer festivals, color your yacht charter

This year in Road Town, Tortola, the British Virgin Islands Emancipation Festival runs from August 5-7. It is a celebration of the island ancestors’ freedom from colonialism and their cultural history. Residents showcase their culture and history in grand style with extravaganzas of local and international music, pageants, food fairs, j’ouvert (street jamming), parades, races, gospel celebrations and folklore presentations.

Antigua: Carnival

Caribbean Summer Festival: color your yacht charter

Sixty years-old and still going strong, this party runs from July 26-30 this year. Join in the fun during this classic Antigua Carnival celebration with steel pan music, competitions, including crowning of a carnival queen, parades through St. John’s and J’ouvert. On Carnival Tuesday, all roads lead to Carnival City (Antigua Recreation Ground), for the Last Lap and the splashy parade of the bands.

Barbados: Crop Over

If you have the stamina, don’t miss celebrating with the locals at this year’s Crop Over party, July 1-August 5. The festival traces its roots back to the 18th century, when the sugarcane plantations’ final harvest of the season would be heralded with music and merriment. Crop Over today is a heady tribute to Barbadian culture, a mixture of African survival heritage and Western modern culture. Celebrate this mash up of arts and crafts, music, dance and raucous rum-fueled parties. Barbados’ Crop Over Festival culminates on Kadooment Day with a rollicking road march along Spring Garden Highway.

Caribbean Summer Festival: color your yacht charter

Nevis: Culturama

Caribbean Summer Festival: color your yacht charter

Tiny island, big party, July 25-August 6. This Caribbean summer festival celebrates the 19th-century emancipation of slaves during a dozen days filled with music, art and culture. Youngsters join in the Junior Kaiso competition and Talented Youth pageant, while the cultural street fair, parade though Charlestown, and Emancipation Day Jump-Up are family fun. Nevis Culturama Facebook Page

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