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Charter Yachts are extraordinary!

Whether you choose a sailing yacht, catamaran, or motor yacht, chartering is one of the most privileged ways to explore the world. Charters let you create memories with family and friends, spend an unforgettable honeymoon, anniversary, celebrate something, or simply celebrate. Every yacht, crew and destination is different, and each offers a uniquely rewarding experience. What adventure awaits you?

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Motor Yacht Charters

A motor yacht is a floating villa in motion. Interiors are stunning, decks are designed for outdoor living, the chef plans the menu according to your preferences and the crew anticipates your every need. Power yachts, under 125-feet LOA (length over all) get you anywhere you want to go, zip from island to island, anchor in a secluded cove, or dock in the harbor of a picture-perfect town. The largr superyachts, and even larger megayachts, are the storied yachts of the sea. They are triumphs of engineering and design, the ultimate in luxury living.

Motor yacht charters are available worldwide. The world’s oceans are there to discover, from Alaska to Antarctica. Cruise the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, scenic New England, or the Pacific North West. Dock in the legendary harbors of the French and Italian Riviera, or go island hopping in Greece. The experts at Select Yachts are your resource for booking the right motor yacht, and designing an itinerary that checks every box on your must-do list.

Sailing Yacht Charters

Sailing is exhilarating, whether you’re gently heeled over in a Caribbean breeze, or pounding the waves in a competitive race, a sailing yachts charter combines luxury and sport. Small sailing yachts are intimate, romantic, and perfect for learning the ropes. Private yacht charters of performance sailing yachts let you feel the power of wind and waves in head-turning style. Sailing yachts are excellent for small groups, family charters, and an adrenaline blast for racing charters. Create your own flotilla for the wedding or family reunion, or go tandem with your favorite couples. The monohull is an all time favorite for fun, leisure or adventure sailing.

Catamaran Yacht Charters

Catamarans gain in popularity each year as a favorite private yacht charter. Ranging from cozy to ultimate luxury yacht, the charter catamaran is most in demand for Caribbean sailing. We are seeing more charter cats in shallow draft areas such as The Bahamas and Belize, as catamaran charter is perfect for some of the world’s amazing reef destinations, as well as Atlantic and South Pacific charter. Even the Seychelles have superb catamaran charters. There are also power catamarans available, so do give Select Yachts a call for more suggestions and information!

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