Water Toys Making Waves

Water Toys Making waves Flyboard

Water Toys: Update the Yacht’s Toy Chest

Need a last minute gift for your favorite superyacht Owner? Want to add WOW to your yacht’s toy chest? Here are some suggestions for top toys that will be sure to please that hard-to-buy-for billionaire, with prices and links, so you can purchase today. There are also a couple of concept designs to meet tomorrow’s shopping needs.


Water Toys Making waves Flyboard

Quadrofoil is a thrilling ride above the surface of the water. Outfitted with a battery-powered, silent motor, and featuring zero emissions, the Quadrofoil can be launched where PWC’s and other motor craft are not allowed. This is an ideal way to explore shallow reefs and bays and protected areas without creating any environmental distress. The power steering wheel has an integrated touch screen display, which keeps you informed about battery power, range, speed and consumption. The Quadrofoil flies above the waves at a top speed of 21 knots with a remarkable range of up to 100 km on a single charge. The retail price tag is $25,000.

The BomBoard is a PWC that you can ride sitting, standing or kneeling. Four-piece construction and easy set-up makes this zippy machine ideal for charter yachts with limited storage, like catamarans, which are not be able to carry or launch a JetSki. The BomBoard weighs just 165 lbs and will retail for about $4,000.

The Flyboard gets honorable mention here. While it has been around for several years it is gaining popularity on superyachts that carry PWCs. The Flyboard can raise you up to 45 feet in the air using water jet propulsion technology. The crew of M/Y Lauren L told Select yachts that it is easier to operate than it looks. Even seniors can enjoy being airborn, although they might prefer maintaining an upright stance to the flips and dives of exhibited by more extreme athletes. Flyboard price tags range from $2500-$4000.

Water Toys: KAYAKS

The Klepper folding Backyak is a versatile, modular boat made of lightweight carbon fiber. Coolapsable kayaks are not a new concept. For over 100 years Klepper Folding Kayaks have been hand crafted in Rosenheim, Germany. One Backyak breaks down into six sections and converts to several styles of boat, making it an ideal toy for charter yachts with limited storage space. The Backyak transforms from a family kayak to two single-person kayaks, to a sailing catamaran and more. Prices start at $5600.

The Boner Kayak, named for its Swiss inventor Hans Boner, is an elegant construction of lightweight, buoyant birchwood and fiberglass. It breaks down into three pieces small enough to fit in the trunk of a car. The components nest together and take just a few minutes to assemble. No tools required. About $3500.


Chilli Island is designed for lazing off the aft deck or in the shallows. You can easily hold that signature cocktail topped by a tiny parasol while afloat. Two passengers can cruise through the water propelled by a Torqeedo electric motor with centralized trackball. Carry snacks and drinks in the cooler and enjoy your favorite tunes piped through the audio system. Manufactured in Austria, Chilli Island offers an ergonomic, leisurely ride. This toy is easily launched from the beach platform and fun for children of all ages. The sticker price is a hefty $17,000.

The SipaBoard is an self-infling paddle board with motor power. Motor control is conveniently integrated into the paddle. SipaBoards are jet propelled, emission-free, with a barely audible engine & air compressor pump. While top speed is only 3.5 knots, it means fish don’t flee, and guests without significant upper body strength can enjoy an exploration without fear of exhaustion. Sipaboards retail for about $2000.


The Quadski launched by Gibbs a few years ago, has spawned three new amphibious designs of various sizes and configurations. The Biski land/water motorcycle suggests the possibility to omit the tender (in certain conditions) and bike from ship to shore and back. The Biski is a concept design on Gibbs’ website.

The Jet Blade, developed by engineers at Calvin College, features dual front skis and a 650cc engine.  At top speeds the skis allow the Jet Blade to plane smoothly over the surface of the water. The tilting suspension that secures the skis to the body is designed for precise steering even in choppy surf. If put into production, the Jet Blade will compete with standard PWCs for space in the lazarette.

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