Oliver Treutlein: Carpets fit for Kings

Oliver Treutlein, OT Carpets

Oliver Treutlein carpets adorn palaces, penthouses and private megayachts.

His carpets are plush and captivating, luxuriously decadent, underfoot art. They are in demand worldwide. How did this pensive German boy become the carpet maker of kings? He followed his heart, turning passion to profession.

As a teenager in Germany, Oliver loved to make carpets, hand tufted, extraordinary works of art. This was much to the surprise, and delight, of family and friends who had nothing to do with the carpet business. Oliver spent his spare time creating plush carpets of remarkable design that he gave them as gifts. Recipients enthusiastically encouraged him to make a career out of his talent.

Oliver was not a shy young man. He put a collection of carpets in the trunk of his humble car and drove to all of the most prestigious German shipyards, Lürssen, Feadship, Heesen, to introduce himself. Shipyard executives immediately recognized that he had real talent. Oliver Treutlein had launched his company.

Today, his worldwide customer base, reaches from the royals at Buckingham Palace to the elite of India. Perhaps this is because no design is beyond his imagination or technical capability. A Mexican client with a sublime penthouse overlooking the sea wanted to feel always at one with the ocean. Oliver created a magnificent coral reef carpet that fancifully dissolves the boundaries between land and sea. His most recent project was for a 180-meter yacht in Dubai. The astonishing carpet is one piece, 60-meters long.

Then there was the client in Australia who wished to have a carpet that looked like the forest, specifically the Australian woods. Oliver flew to Australia, drove with the client to his favorite forest, and methodically collected all shapes, sizes and types of leaves from every plant possible. With this treasure trove of inspiration he flew back to Germany. The customs authorities did not receive this incoming cargo graciously, suspecting it to be an illegal substance of the sort that should be immediately confiscated. Eventually he managed to get the harmless leaves through customs, returned to the studio, scattered them across the floor and began the design brief for an enchanted forest of fiber.

Despite his well-deserved success, Oliver’s small boutique company is still family-owned and run. He creates the designs and mock-ups, and then handcrafts the carpets using precious natural fibers such as eco-friendly bamboo, pure silk, cool linen or the finest New Zealand virgin wool. Whether he is creating sensual throw rugs or 60-meter masterpieces, each carpet is a stunning work of art, designed to stimulate the imagination and delight the senses with deep beauty and artistic richness.

OT Oliver Treutlein Teppiche GmbH

US Contact: Birgit Auge, Miami Beach, FL Tel: 305 588 9123

Email: [email protected]

Germany Tel: +49 (0) 2159 4017; Email: [email protected]


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