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What’s it like to be a member on a superyacht build team? Moonen Journal talked to two of the younger craftsmen who are enthusiastically embracing the experience of helping create the first Moonen Martinique.

Tom Jansen started as a carpentry apprentice.

Interior builder and co-foreman Tom Jansen started as a carpentry apprentice at Moonen Shipyards in 2005. He continued his education while learning at the yard, achieving a degree as all-round ship interior builder. “I chose Moonen 12 years ago because I have a love for detailing and finish. This is one of the top yards when it comes to building a complete luxury yacht from scratch. A lot has changed in my time here: the yachts have become larger, technology is advancing and there are constant innovations. I enjoy it tremendously!

Moonen Shipbuilders
Tom Jansen & Noes de Senerpont Domis

“The interior of the Martinique is an exciting project featuring a new concept with different types of wood and detailing. It is quite a challenge and a great experience to create such an innovative yacht, especially on such an impressive scale. There is also the added complexity of ensuring that we keep as many options open as possible for the new owners once the yacht is purchased. This demands a high level of flexibility, which thankfully Moonen has in abundance.”

Noes de Senerpont Domis is an apprentice installation mechanic.

Noes de Senerpont Domis has been working at Moonen for two years as an apprentice installation mechanic. The Martinique is his second new-build project after the Moonen Matica Bijoux. “It’s been an exciting new venture to me to be involved in the hull work as we have been using high-tensile steel for the first time. The Martinique is a beautiful yacht with stunning lines and has a lot of unique features, such as a tender garage on the side of the yacht which I worked on.

“Before joining Moonen I studied to become a mechanical engineer. I’ve always been attracted to shipbuilding because it involves products built from start to finish and there’s a huge variety in the work involved. I was born and raised in ‘s Hertogenbosch so know the Moonen yard very well. Since starting in January 2015 I’ve learned a great deal about yachts and my colleagues have taught me so much. As the youngest of the bunch it’s great to benefit from their enormous experience.”

Moonen Martinique Specs:

LOA: 119′
Beam: 26.2′
Draft: 6.9′
Maximum Speed: 17kn
Range: 3,500nm

For more information about the Moonen Martinique, please contact: Moonen Shipyards by phone: +31 73 621 00 94
For general new build and yacht sales information, please contact: Select Yachts +1.954.246.3815


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