Luxury Yacht Charter to Perfection: A View From the Namoh Bridge

Luxury Motor Yacht Namoh Bahamas Caribbean
Namoh Charter Yacht Captain Vareek Breaden
Captain Vareek Breaden

Select Yachts visited luxury charter yacht Namoh and toured this stunning Cheoy Lee 125 with Captain Vareek Breaden, a captivating Irishman with a charming lilt and a twinkle in his eye. He amicably shared his thoughts on being a Captain and the most important elements in orchestrating the perfect charter experience.

Captain Breaden knows precisely how to run a tight ship; he comes from a long line of mariners and in his way carries on the family tradition. “On my mother’s side, from my great grandfather on down, they were all in the British Navy. I went to a naval boarding academy but never had any real aspiration to go to sea. In 1996 I had just turned 21 and had never been out of southern Ireland. I set off backpacking around Europe and I saw these big white boats and thought I could get a job one of these boats. I didn’t care where I went I just wanted to see the world. That’s how I got started and I’ve been working on luxury yachts ever since.”

Captain Bearden says that an awesome charter begins with diligent input from the clients. “As a captain I have to really listen to the wants of the clients. A thoroughly filled in preference sheet really helps to plan an itinerary that fulfills the wants and needs of the people. Clients should not say ‘oh yeah, we just want to do whatever you think.’ That is the worst possible thing to say. You might want to be in St. Barth all the time, whereas my thought of being in the Caribbean is Barbuda, where there are the most beautiful beaches in the world.”

Equally important for a perfect charter is a crew ready to go the extra mile to please the guests. “Your crew needs to realize that if people want food at 3:00am the chef is going to have to get out of bed and do it,” explains the Captain, citing a recent situation on board. “I know the crew has just worked a really hard day but you have to always be a step above. One of my philosophies is that you only get out of life what you put in. When you give everything you get back a lot more.”

Namoh is a gem that one should take care not to overlook, given the vast selection of charter yachts available in the Bahamas and Caribbean. We agreed amongst each other that photographs simply do not do her justice. And we agreed with the Captain, when he astutely pointed out that while “guests may not remember details of what the boat looks like long after their charter, they are going to remember that they danced under the stars at an impromptu party, or had a surprise barbeque on the beach. Ultimately it is all about the experiences on board. ”

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