Gourmet Yacht Charters: Chef Johann, LADY SHARON GALE

Gourmet Yacht Charters, Lady Sharon Gale

Gourmet Yacht Charters for Foodies

Gourmet Yacht Charters add a delightful dimension of decadence to an amazing vacation experience. Eating three squares to satisfy hunger is definitely passé. Sampling innovative creations that tantalize the palate is totally a la mode. Today’s sophisticated interest in food and alcoholic beverages, both preparing and consuming, has launched new trends in culinary tourism. Now, thanks to gourmet yacht charters, food tourism is making waves.

Many charter yacht owners agree that hiring a top chef is essential. An excellent yacht chef is a mark of distinction. Often, the Chef offers more than haute cuisine to their guests. They can be a guide through local markets, educate about exotic herbs and spices, provide cooking tips, and even conduct hands-on cooking classes.

To wet your appetites in this series, Gourmet Yacht Charters profiles award-winning yacht chefs that step up to the plate. We provide insights into their onboard cooking styles and teaching strategies. Gourmands who are prospective charter clients, now you can have your cake and then some. Because, a week of spectacular dining on a private yacht is more than a luxury vacation. It’s a privileged experience.

Chef Johann Roebert, MY Lady Sharon Gale

Charter guests aboard LADY SHARON GALE  should plan for irresistible cuisine. Pack the linen pants with the elastic waistband. Leave the Fitbit ashore. You are about to embark on a gourmet yacht charter.

Chef Johann Roebert grew up in Durbanville, South Africa. His sophisticated palate and passion for cooking can be blamed on his father, who was very fond of spoiling his two sons at “fancy restaurants”. As far back as he can remember, Johann wanted to be a chef. As soon as he completed high school he enrolled at the ICA (Institute of Culinary Arts) in Stellenbosch.

After graduation, Johann accepted a position as Chef de Partie, overseeing a section of the kitchen at the upscale Belgian restaurant, Zero Nine Three Two, in Green Point, South Africa. He moved to St. Maarten in 2005 to launch his Caribbean adventures.

Wind Trumps Stone

After working as Head Chef at the prestigious Aqua restaurant he was ready to open his own place. He established his 28-seat The StoneRestaurant in 2006. Johann describes the menu as, “sort of creative caveman fusion, as the food was presented on hot granite slabs.” In 2010, he relocated The Stone Restaurant to a larger, 68-seat space in the Simpson Bay Resort, which he also outgrew.

Johann’s skills were much in demand on St. Maarten. In addition to the restaurant, he was busy catering almost everything on the island: private jets, sales breakfasts, day charters, sunset and dinner package cruises, even the Heineken Regatta events.

The Stone‘s final location in 2016 was on the main road. It had a large capacity but a short existence. It was destroyed by Hurricane Irma in September of 2017. Johann bounced back saying, “Irma changed a lot on the island, but change is good. I enjoyed the life of a restaurateur, but 11 years is enough. I am ready to compete, to see how my skills compare to other chefs on yachts.”

Johann’s versatility and innovative talents are establishing top ranking industry-wide. Recently he is attracting attention with his favorite South African recipes. Charter guests might sample Biltong, a jerky-style snack, or Boerewors, a special sausage.

Barbecue is another South African tradition. Johann says, “I love cooking in nature over open flames or “Braai”, as we say. Cooking on a campfire is one of the most enjoyable things to do. I have a special spot in my heart for traditional South African cuisine (Cape Malay), but my favorite cooking style is French cuisine. Japanese cuisine is also a favorite.

Yacht Charter Culinary Seminar – Eat, Play, Learn

On request, Chef Johann will be happy to conduct a week-long culinary seminar aboard LADY SHARON GALE. He will work with charter guests to customize their seminar according to their interests and skill level.

Johann explains that, “the first stop is the Caribbean market for local ingredients. I’ll begin with the fundamental building blocks in becoming a chef: basic sauces, how to dry age a steak, how to roast a chicken. Prepare ceviche, tartar, capacious and sashimi with fresh caught fish. Then move on to more unusual recipes with curing, dehydrating, or smoking, rather than traditional BBQ.

I can teach French, Italian, Cape Malay and Japanese cuisines. And for indulgence, desserts with techniques in confectionery, leavent and pastry. But, I love golden, brown and crispy recipes, so my favorites will always be “slow and low”, like braised lamb shanks in a cast iron dish served with a tomato risotto.”

“I have always been drawn to the kitchen. If I have to choose one reason that I’m so into cooking, it’s because everyone loves good food! I immensely enjoy the happiness I bring with this skill. Secondly, cooking has taught me so much about different ways of life, and about cultures and histories through traditional recipes. I grew up around yachts, so a career in the yachting industry is a perfect fit. I get to cook at my highest level for the pleasure of wonderful guests from all over the world.”

A Day of Dining According to Chef Johann on Lady Sharon Gale


  • Buffet with quiches, pastries, fruit plate
  • Coffee, tea, fresh lemonade, smoothies, etc.
  • Eggs any style to order as our guests wake up

3 Course Lunch

  • Wahoo Miso Soup
  • Grilled lobster and sea scallops, micro greens salad, crispy toasted rice patty
  • Home made caramel fudge Napoleon cake

Cocktail Hour – Sunset Tapas 

  • Mahi-mahi ceviche crostini
  • Sprout and vegetable spring rolls
  • Escargot with cream sauce in puff pastry

5 Course Dinner

  • Black mussel Tomka soup
  • Tempura shrimp, scallion, mango, black pepper seared tuna maki
  • Pickled spicy cucumber salad, Kobe beef sirloin au jus, roasted baby root vegetables
  • Tomato risotto with white Alba truffle basil pesto
  • Chocolate mint mousse with strawberry compote
Gourmet Yacht Charters, Chef Johann Roebert, Lady Sharon Gale
Gourmet Yacht Charters, Chef Johann Roebert, Lady Sharon Gale
Gourmet Yacht Charters, Chef Johann Roebert, Lady Sharon Gale


Gourmet Yacht Charter, Chef Johann Roebert,

This classic Broward 112′ luxury superyacht accommodates 10 guests in four staterooms. She is an excellent option for a Yacht Charter Culinary Seminar. The galley, positioned forward, features a spacious “country kitchen”. The large work counter is ample enough for guests to dig in to any cooking project. The casual dining table is a cozy spot to chat with the chef, make a few notes, and sample gourmet treats.

LADY SHARON GALE Description and Details

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