Electric Boats at YMB: The Wave of the Future

Yachts Miami Beach Electric Boats Display

Electric Boats Debut at Yachts Miami Beach

It’s not only electric cars capturing eco-conscious consumers these days. Electric boats from around the world are on display at the 29th annual Yachts Miami Beach. Whether you need a tender or a runabout, you’ll find plenty of options at the show. Because the inaugural Electric Boat Pavilion will showcase the marine industry’s advances in environmentally friendly motor boats.

“It’s always our goal to be on the forefront of promoting what’s most current and relevant to boaters,” said Brett Keating, vice president of consumer marketing for Show Management, the organization that produces the boat show. “We look forward to expanding our Electric Boat Pavilion in the future as more companies develop electric boats for the American marketplace.”

Canadian Electric Boats

Bruce 22
Bruce 22

The 100-percent electric Bruce 22 has a classic design reminiscent of the antique and classic launches of yesteryear.Speed, economy, quality, style, range, and minimal maintenance all come together on both the five-passenger and eight-passenger models. With an electric propulsion system supplied by UQM, the Bruce 22 has a Panasonic battery bank and a closed circuit, water-cooled, permanent magnet motor with digital controllers. With a maximum speed of 41 miles per hour and a runtime of up to 8-hours on a single charge, boaters can enjoy a full day on the water for approximately 50 cents a charge.

Fantail 217
Fantail 217

The company’s electric-powered Fantail 217 is silent, non-polluting, low maintenance, easy to handle, inexpensive to operate, and can accommodate up to ten guests. The Fantail 217 features a canopy roof that not only protects from the sun and rain, but can also be easily lowered to serve as a tonneau cover when the boat is stored or towed. Ample storage space is available under decks and seat benches. A recharge with a 110-volt outlet is all that is needed to enjoy up to 10 hours of safe boating.

Electric Boats
Rand Boats

Rand Electric Boats Denmark-based Rand Boats’ sustainably produced and hand-crafted Rand Picnic Sport is a low-maintenance, easy-to-steer motorboat featuring an electric engine and a solar power option. The boat is perfectly outfitted for on-the-water leisure with seating for up to 10 people, plenty of storage space, an easily accessible bathing platform, and a built-in adjustable table that can be lowered to serve as a relaxing sundeck.

Foldable RIB

Foldable Rib
Foldable Rib

Designed in England, the F-RIB is a revolutionary, foldable rigid inflatable boat (RIB) that relies on electric power for an efficient propulsion system. Using smaller, lighter engines, F-RIBs are fast, economical, safe and easy to use. Easily assembled and inflated in less than five minutes, F-RIBs are compact and convenient to store. There’s even a model with a sail. The perfect tender where space is an issue. From about $3,000 to $8,000.

Greenline Hybrid Yachts

Yachts Miami Beach Electric Boats Display
Greenline Hybrid

Slovenia’s Greenline Hybrid Yachts feature a super-displacement hull, which enables the yachts to use less fuel, generate lower CO2 emissions, and produce less wake. Its hybrid (diesel/electric) propulsion system can collect, store and use electrical energy from the sun, from the shore pick-up or from the main engine-driven generator. The current range of four: Greenline 33, 36, 40 and 48. Several Greenline vessels will be on display at Yachts Miami Beach.

GoCycle Electric Bikes


England’s GoCycle G3 is a light-weight, electric bicycle. A micro-sized electric motor powers the front wheel, while pedals power the rear. The GoCycle G3 has the wheelbase of a conventional bike, but it folds down to a compact size on a secure docking station, making it ideal for those wishing to travel with it on a boat or private plane, or simply store it behind their desk at work after their commute. It features predictive gear shifting, an automotive-inspired daytime running light, side- mounted quick-release wheels, a dashboard display, and a unique geometry to comfortably fit almost every rider. About $5,000

Yachts Miami Beach runs from February 16-20 along Collins Avenue in the heart of Miami Beach. For more information about Yachts Miami Beach, visit YachtsMiamiBeach.com.

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