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Luxury Charter Yacht Ohana Chef Alice Clough

Alice Clough has been serving charter guests her delicious recipes for 20 years. Beginning on sailboats in the British Virgin Islands, Clough has worked on sailing yachts, racing yachts, and some very prestigious big white boats, including her present position as Chef on luxury superyacht Ohana. Select Yachts met her on board Ohana during a Fort Lauderdale Boat Show industry party, while tropical storm Sandy was at her most unruly. Clough was busily preparing an array of delights for the invited guests. She kindly took a few minutes to chat with us about her job aboard.

“Experience is a key ingredient in whatever you are cooking. I’m a New Englander at heart”, says Clough, “I love my New England seafood, stuffed clams, baked stuffed lobster, you know, when you are up there you have to eat that stuff. But when I get down to the Caribbean and the Bahamas I get more into local foods like roti. People might not be ready for goat yet, but they can certainly get into a chicken roti. Instead of conch fritters I make shrimp fritters, in this way I can gently introduce the flavors of the Caribbean.

On board Ohana we get a lot of Americans and a lot of families, so I like to do a lot of fun desserts. For this event I made some homemade marshmallows and then I’ve dipped them in chocolate and graham crackers, so we will be having S’more lollipops. Fun food is a great memory that people take back. So when the kids come on board I always get them to build their own sundaes, or ask them their favorite cookie and then say ok, we are going to make cookie witches. If the kids want to play then I want to play. I like to talk and entertain the guests; I don’t care if they are four or 84.

My most important concern is always that the clients let me know on their preference sheets anything they might want to eat, what their comfort food is, so that we have it on board. We don’t have to use it, but we can bring it out at midnight and nobody has to be dictated as to what they have to eat or when, unless their Mom or Dad are saying so.

Recently Ohana had a fabulous charter for vegetarian guests. I really enjoyed being creative with fresh foods. We were in the same area that the guests were from, and their friends would be dropping by bringing their own local eggs and produce from their gardens. Everyday somebody would come through the door with a big basket of vegetables or a big bouquet of herbs. It was really great to be spontaneous.“

We were quite impressed with Clough, her enthusiasm is infectious. We thanked her for stopping in the midst of work to share a bit of herself. Then we headed up to the skylounge to taste her creative and delicious canapés. She is one member of a superb team aboard Ohana. The crew is adept with guests of all ages, which is one reason why this elegant charter yacht has so many loyal repeat clients.

S’more Lollipops

(Recipe for homemade marshmallows is not included.)


1 bag large marshmallows

1 package semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 package graham crackers or graham cracker crumbs

Lollipop sticks (available in the cake decorating aisle)


Insert lollipop sticks into the flat side of the marshmallow until they almost pop through.  Place them on a piece of wax paper in a line

Next put the graham crackers in a strong zip lock bag, and use a rolling pin (or whatever you’d like) to crush them until they are finely ground.  Then place them in a small bowl.

Melt the chocolate. You can heat it in a double boiler or very carefully microwave it.

Dip the marshmallow pop into the melted chocolate; next gently roll the sides and top of the marshmallow in the graham cracker crumbs until well coated.  Place on wax paper to let cool and dry.

Hint: microwave chocolate 10 seconds at a time, stir and repeat as needed, chocolate burns quickly.  If the melted chocolate mixture is too thick, stir in a spoonful or two of shortening until it reaches your desired consistency. Whatever you do, DO NOT get water in your chocolate.

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