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“My favorite types of cuisine are things that really blow my hair back.” Chef Daniel

At the age of six, Daniel Griffin was making family weekend breakfasts while watching Julia Child on TV. He was dressed in his pint-sized chef’s hat and apron, mini whisk in hand. The metamorphosis from adorable child prodigy to first-class yacht chef and cooking instructor was predictable. The Select Yachts team met Chef Daniel while on a broker tour of luxury charter yacht Finish Line. We asked him to tell us about being the yacht’s chef. Here’s what he said…

“When we’re on charter it’s wake up at 5:30am, go to bed at 11:00pm, and cook all day. We’re a very active charter yacht. When guests are on board we do a lot of different things. We put out lots of water toys and the super slide, which everyone loves. We carry top quality fishing gear and can take guests out sport fishing on our 39′ Custom Nor-tech Superfish. This means lots of fresh fish in the galley.

Sticky Fingers

There’s usually at least one guest in the charter party interested in a cooking lesson and I really enjoy giving classes. I start with recipes that aren’t too intimidating, like a chocolate Grenache cake. I take all the ingredients out and talk about each ingredient. Then we make the Grenache, let people get their hands into it.

Cuisine Without Borders

I spent two years working with a Chinese chef just making dim sum, dumplings, pot stickers, won tons, spring rolls. That’s something I go to, but put an American twist on it. It’s not really hard, but requires very meticulous work, staying very focused and doing the same thing over and over again. When you’re dealing with a chef of very high standards you might think you’re doing ok, but you’re not. That wrapper doesn’t quite fall in the right spot. There’s a very small window of success.

I would definitely teach guests how to make spring rolls. You can purchase the wrappers, put almost anything in the filling, and have them be a success. I’ve done cooking classes for kids where we made awesome spring rolls. I’ve noticed kids on charter really want to get into cooking. I actually get a big kick out of that.

Charter Yacht Finish Line

I made a series of video programs talking about food with a friend who has a production company. People really enjoyed the shows. All the dishes that were prepared were totally original – me being expressive. I have a number of recipes that I use all the time, which are fairly easy to prepare, and people really like them.

I’d love to do cooking charters aboard Finish Line. I always encourage people to cook. I feel it’s such a positive life skill. No matter what, whether you do it professionally or at home, have successes or failures, it’s about attempting it. And it’s always a good time.”

FINISH LINE, Trinity 120′ Super Yacht

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Finish Line is available for charter in Florida and the Bahamas. With the best in water sports toys and gear, charter couples and friends are guaranteed extreme fun. Finish Line is also the ultimate yacht for a family vacation. The child-friendly environment is outfitted to the highest safety standards including a stateroom that converts to a playroom. Finish Line accommodates eight guests in four staterooms. The talented crew of six makes certain that everything is always ship shape.

Contact Select Yachts to book your customized itinerary aboard luxury charter yacht Finish Line. Be inspired to learn a few cooking tips from Chef Daniel, or simply enjoy his sumptuous gourmet cuisine.

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