Catamaran Yacht Charter: Vacation Villa with Sea Views

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Catamaran yacht charter has become the favorite type of sailing yacht charter. Catamarans continue to grow in popularity with sailors around the world. Today, you can find charter catamarans in every charter region, from the South Pacific to the North Atlantic. Why are increasing numbers of diehard monohull sailors defecting to the helm of a catamaran? Because, they are safe, comfortable, stable, and very spacious. 

Why choose a catamaran yacht charter?

Whether you enjoy a leisurely cruise under sail, or engines to power you over the waves, a crewed catamaran is a top choice. Both sailing and power catamarans offer similar advantages. They are an ideal introduction to crewed yacht charter for families with children, anyone apprehensive about being at sea, or those prone to seasickness. The multihull design provides tremendous stability. Therefore, the catamarans do not heel over. Everyone feels safe and secure.

When spending a week with friends or family, size matters. On a catamaran, the width is usually about 50% of the length. Two hulls positioned widely apart support an exceptionally large platform for outdoor and indoor living areas. Couples and groups of friends have plenty of room to party together. On the other hand, guests can find a quiet corner of their own when they need a little downtime.

In a way, sailing catamarans are the wonder child spawned by a sailing yacht and a power yacht. Once you hoist the sails, you can experience the thrill of sailing. The hulls slice silently through the waves. Then the yacht virtually flies over the water. The salt spray is exhilarating. Yet, like a powerboat, the deck is stable and you can move about. Catamarans give you more than you expect.

There are many notable, architectural features in a multihull build.

One level construction seamlessly connects interior and exterior spaces. In the main salon and galley, expansive open designs and large windows create a bright interior for all to enjoy during your sailing vacation. The main salon will easily accommodate your entire charter party. Whether your group is dining, watching a movie, playing a game, or getting tips from the chef, no one is rubbing shoulders.  

Private, spacious, thoughtfully designed cabins are positioned in both port and starboard hulls. For two couples, or parents with kids, several degrees of separation mean more privacy, peace, and quiet. There is plenty of storage in the cabins. Beds are outfitted with fine linens and soft goods. Bathrooms (heads) include lovely toiletries. 

The catamaran offers a beamy aft deck where everyone can gear up for water sports fun. After splashing in the sea, take turns rinsing off with the freshwater deck shower. It’s also an excellent spot to dine al fresco. The bow is where everyone loves to ride. Relax on the deck with magnificent views. Sprawl on the trampolines and watch the sea rush away beneath you.  

Catamaran yacht charter reaches secret shores. Most catamarans are constructed with a shallow draft. This allows the captain to navigate through shallow waters into secluded bays inaccessible to other yachts. There are many, sandy beaches where you can drop anchor and wade to shore.

Catamarans are perfect for celebrations.

There is nothing that can compare with private, crewed yachts. Everything is customized. The itinerary is specially designed for you and your event. A professional crew is at your service. Your chef prepares the menu according to your preferences. So, whether it’s a special birthday with extended family, a honeymoon, anniversary or a romantic getaway, it will be just as you dream it to be. 

How romantic would it be to get married or renew your vowels at sea? Let Select Yachts charter brokers find a qualified catamaran captain to perform the ceremony.  Imagine what a memorable way for the two of you to celebrate! Escape alone together, or bring intimate family or friends. Many couples with children from a previous marriage enthusiastically share the experience with their kids. 

Crew and guest cabins are separated by the wide beam saloon, so guests enjoy maximum quiet and privacy. Your crew is at your service, always available to assist. However, they are equally adept at discretion. After a full day of sailing, sea, and sun, recline on your aft deck with a glass of fine champagne. Witness the sun turn the sky crimson and slip into the sea. As darkness falls, lie on your backs on the trampoline, drift into sleep under a canopy of stars.

Catamarans are unmatched for family fun.

Parents to port, kids to starboard, and peace in the universe. Roomy interiors mean plenty of elbow room, so everyone can find a place to call their own. Spacious decks carry loads of gear and water toys. The crew will happily launch them all overboard for you to play with. The captain knows where there are beaches with surf that’s gentle enough for toddlers, and tide pools that fascinate children of all ages. Your crew will teach you to snorkel, fish, or paddle a canoe. The adventures you share as a family create priceless memories that last a lifetime.

Where can you go on a catamaran charter vacation?

Anywhere you want to cruise. Tropical climates have a larger selection of charter yachts that operate year-round. Consider what type of adventures you want to have. Every sea and shore have their own distinctive characteristics and offer a different charter vacation experience. 

Contact Select Yachts charter brokers today. We’ve toured the yachts, talked to the crews and visited the world’s top charter destinations. We’ll answer your questions and make thoughtful suggestions based on your needs. The ideal catamaran is on the horizon. Trust us to find it for you.                    


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